Monday, May 2, 2016

Music to Make Write To

So I haven't posted music I listen to while writing in forever.  Honestly, it's because I wasn't writing for a long time.  The last binge writing fest I had, there was no music since I was at my kid's Tae Kwon Do testing.  But I do still listen.  

My tastes have changed a bit.  Right now I'm cycling through worship music and reggaeton.  Kind of a 7-10 split there, but I found this worship mix that calms me, and I miss the music I had living in Colombia last year.  Anyhow, here are a couple videos to showcase what's been on my playlists.  

Housefires: Rise

Nicky Jam: Travesuras

Disfrutan (enjoy)!



  1. I can't write while music is on. And my music tastes do pretty much stick to rock. Though I did attend a Justin Bieber concert recently (with my daughter...) :) Glad you are writing again!

    1. That was nice of your daughter to take you to see your favorite recording artist! :)

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