Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Author Talk at Kansas University

So I went to an author talk this week at KU.  I'm plowing back into writing this week, I've written a nonfiction picture book MS and queried it this week, just to get back out there.  Life has been more or less settled enough for me to get back out there for awhile, I just haven't put in the work.  

I haven't been to see an author speak in ages, so it was good to get some ideas and ask some questions.  The first Author featured was Andrea Warren.  She writes historical creative nonfiction, which is pretty far from where I operate.  I was able to glean some things she does to get kids interested in the historical stories she focuses on that could be useful in the future.  Overall a good speech.

The second author was Stephen T. Johnson.  He is an artist first, but has a book I've used for teaching before, ALPHABET CITY.  It's a picture book that shows each letter hidden in different parts of everyday city life.  Again, not what I do, but it was good to talk with him, especially because we are from the same town.  Since they let you write how you have him make out the signature, I had him make it out like so, "I hereby leave all my worldly possessions to Chris.  Also, best wishes and stuff.  -Stephen"  He added, (For a Price!) in there, so I don't think it would hold in court, but still pretty great.  Second only to my Jon Scieszka autograph that says, "Stay Stinky."  

How about you people (Alex)?  Any awesome author encounters?   


  1. Hey Chris! Great to see you on here, and I love your illustrations in the posts below. I love meeting authors. Maggie Stiefvater will be an hour away in May so hoping to go to that! I'm going to the SCBWI Midwest conference in a few weeks so that will be cool too.

  2. Awesome! Good to hear from you also. Where is the Midwest conference?

    1. It's in Naperville, IL Friday-Sunday April 29- May 1. Registration ends Sunday! I'm excited (and a bit nervous) because it will be my first multiple day conference.

  3. Bummer he amended it!
    I haven't heard any authors speak in a while. I do have an autograph of Terry Brooks in one of my Shannara books.

  4. Nice, it had been a long time for me too, about 4-5 years.