Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolmolution 2012

Happy New Years Everybody!  The Mayans say we're all gonna die this year, so be sure to live it up and stuff.  This year I'm going to compile a pretty hefty list of resolutions.  It's generally a pretty good idea when making resolutions to narrow it down to one or two, and make a focused plan for success.  But since no one ever keeps these things anyway, I've decided to fail big and hard in 2012.  Here's my list:

In 2012 I resolve to: 
-Add 15lbs of muscle to each bicep
-Take over Central America
-Become a big time author, with my own fan club.
-Learn Mandarin Chinese (pick up lines and swear words)
-Start a meat goat farm

Seems simple enough.  I'm going to pre-load my New Years 2013 post, since pretty much I'll be too dead from the Mayapocalypse to write it then.  



  1. Remember me when you take over that Central American country!

  2. Which country? The goat farm isn't a bad idea in case you survive 2012.

  3. I thought I was the only one who resolved to start a goat farm! (but mine are those cute miniature goats)

  4. Chris, I would join your fan club now, so you may have a bigger jump start than you thought.

    The goat farm will be all good, unless the Mayans were only half right, and the world doesn't end, but a bloody goat zombie apocalypse wipes out man kind and leaves the world to bleating cannibals.

  5. Do you ever really need to know anything but pick up lines and swear words in a foreign language? Nope.