Sunday, November 20, 2011

String Bridge Magical Mystery Tour: InteReview

Jess Bell is with us this today to snarkily answer some questions about her debut novel, String Bridge.  But first here is my review, also on Goodreads: *spoiler alert*  The spoiler is that I'm mediocre at writing reviews, I don't actually give away anything plot wise.

String Bridge is author Jessica Bell's debut offering. It is a terrific portrayal of Melody, a career oriented mom who longs for more. With semi-dashed dreams, an unappreciative spouse, and unbalanced parents, an uncertainty about a promotion at work and her husband's secretive behavior drive 'Mel' to an emotional boiling point.

I enjoyed every minute and appreciate the way Bell wrote about very relatable topics. I'm not much for Women's lit, but I will be checking out future books from this author. Bell, who in addition to being an author is also a poet and musician, uses her skills to weave both poetry and lyricism into her descriptions of mundane everyday struggles that anyone could relate to. While the issues facing the main character are unique, i.e. bipolar mother, secretive music-promoter husband, each one is written about in a completely relatable and tangible way.

There is also an accompanying music CD released simultaneously entitled ‘Melody Hill – On the Other Side’ that is also definitely worth a checking out.

On to the ?'s:
1.  Tell us about the idea behind String Bridge, How did it come to you, did it come all at once, while you were sleeping, canoeing, etc.?

I woke up one morning and decided to become a best-selling novelist so I wrote a book about the first thing that came to mind … um … that’s how it always works, doesn’t it? Hey, btw, got any cash to donate to my New York Times Bribery Fund?

2.  String Bridge is about a Greek Aussie who writes music and has cooky musicians for parents.  You are a Greek Aussie who writes music and poetry and have cooky musicians for parents.  How did you differentiate your character from yourself, how did you draw from yourself?

Well, I’m actually German/Aussie! Ha! My step father is Greek, but I haven’t got any Greek blood in me. As for the parents, well, yeah, my parents are kinda cooky, but in a much nicer and wittier way than Betty and James. Do you really think Betty and James are cooky? I actually think they’re a nightmare …

How did I draw from myself? Um … I took a few slow backward steps, but then realized that my body was following and I gave up.

3.  Your descriptions of everyday things from your character's viewpoint are incredibly vivid and insightful.  Do you write those kinds of things down in a notebook or do they just come to you as you're writing.

Just as I’m writing. They come knocking on my door like trick-or-treaters.

4.  Why did you chose Lucky Press, How did you discover them?

With lots of luck and pressing of keys …

5.  Is this like totally your favorite writing blog ever?

Yeah, like, whatever …

6.  Multiple choice:  If you could go have drinks with any of the following people who would it be and why?
a) Justin Bieber
b) Mel Gibson
c) Whoopie Goldberg
d) Janis Joplin
e) Jack Kerouac

Janis Joplin, to ask her, “Does the number 27 have any significance?”

Thanks again for being here, and writing such a wonderful novel!


  1. Thanks so much for having me and giving me the chance to answer some questions a little less seriously! :o) Thanks for the awesome review too!

  2. LOVE this interview! And I love Jessica - a multi-talented colleague . . .

    made me laugh to read this - :-D

  3. Glad you decided to write that best seller! And Chris did good with his review.

  4. Super interview. And I totally would want to talk to Janis, too.

  5. Such a fun interview - nice work both of you!! hehe