Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Blog! Choose Your Own Adventure

My blog is one year old today.  Just like a real-life human one year older my blog is cute, wiggly, and smells like milk is oozing out of both ends!  BTW you were supposed to get me presents.  Jerks.

That's okay.  Not really, but I'm moving on.  Mostly because you're still getting me a present.  
Your present to me (unless you want to FedEx me cupcakes) is to choose your own adventure by picking a classic Chris Phillips blog post and then telling me how great it was and how much my blog means to you and the such.  Because remember, the greatest sitcoms of all time run clip montage shows when they run out of funny yet touching plot-lines or they just want to take a break but still cash checks.  This is like that only without clips or a moral or my blog being a sitcom.  

Here are your choices for classic postage:

As always, choosing more than one will increase your risk of getting nipple infections by more than 42.7%



  1. Happy one year of blogging! I chose the puppy post. Figured I couldn't go wrong with that one.
    And were you the guy burning poop on the man's doorstep?

  2. I worked my way up from the bottom and stopped at Mailbag (honestly, I didn't finish The Legend of Rick). That's as much time as I have, and Mailbag is funny, so therefore my favorite. Happy bloggerversary!

  3. definitely the mail bag, way too effing funny :)

  4. LOL! I choose mailbag too. SO funny. Congrats on the one year!

  5. I hate my job. I almost didn't make it here today. Happy Blirthday, Slushpile Savant!

  6. Mailbag is my fave I think.
    And I sent your blog a onesie in the mail for its birthday. You didn't get it???
    How is your puppy doing??

  7. Looking forward to your picks for the blogfest on Monday!

  8. HEY! I totally sent you a present. You should have gotten it by now. In fact, I'm still waiting for that picture. :D

    Okay, off to choos an adventure.