Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Upcoming Events in My Area (Omaha)

I just checked the Omaha Library website.  September seems to be their big bring in some authors month.  They will feature the following Children's/YA authors:

9/6 Judy Schachner (SkippyJon Jones) *will try to go
9/13 Ellen Hopkins (Crank)
9/20 Jon Scieszka (Time Warp Trio, Math Curse) *definitely going

I'm really excited about Scieszka.  I put the Time Warp Trio series as a comparative title for my new manuscript.  

How about you?  What is going on in your area? 



  1. DragonCon and the Decatur Book Festival. I need to email peeps about those, thanks for the reminder!

  2. Yeesh! You've got some good ones. I'm totally jealous. We get "important" adult writers around here. *sigh*

    But come National Book Festival, I will be reveling in the awesomeness that it is and then you can be jealous! ;D

  3. My kids love SkippyJon Jones! We're going to have to go to that one. Thanks!

  4. Just so long as you're behind me in the line!