Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oddz n' Endz

This last weekend I finished My Beginning by Melissa Kline.  I got the book from Lucky Press.  I enjoyed it.  There were a few times I wished it had gone in one direction and it went in another, but overall I would recommend it to anyone who likes YA dystopian type stuff.

Purchase Link: Here
Goodreads: Here

Everyone who comments on this post by the end of the day Thursday is entered into a drawing to win my copy.  My copy comes complete with page 181/182 bent corner action!  

True Story of the Week:  I just posted a comment and the word verification was "facke" which made me laugh because I imagine that being what someone from Boston yells when they stub their toe.

This week I'm trying to finalize things for send-out on my latest manuscript.  I'm also trying to find some places to send out some flash fiction and creative nonfiction.  Right now I'm looking at Word Riot, Diddledog, and Vestal Review.  If anyone has cool places to send stuff, post it.

Hope life treats you well this week.



  1. I'd like to be in the draw as I haven't purchased this yet. :( I know that's bad being a Lucky Press author but I'm so poor these days! Eeek! Best place to look for magazines to submit to is Good luck!

  2. Dystopia. Right up my alley...


  3. You really don't want to know what the Captcha code was for me when I went to comment on Draven Ames's blog one time.

  4. Hi Chris, Thanks for the mention! I'm glad you enjoyed my book. :) I completely understand what you mean about wanting the story to go in different directions. I had that issue while writing! There are SO many possibilities! I am currently working on the sequel and am having fun experimenting with plot possibilities. Good luck with your manuscript!


  5. Sounds like a good read. I once got the verification: phuct. No lie. lol

  6. A dog-eared page? Can it have, dare I ask, some coffee stains too?

    I'm in.

  7. There was a smudge from me smoking a pipe whilst reading, but it came off. Don't drink coffee.

  8. I'm not doing this for the drawing...just have to say that the "facke" comment cracked me up. Have a great day! :)