Saturday, August 6, 2011

Live Blog: Hunger Games

I've decided to finally read Hunger Games this week.  Pretty spectacular.  I have already read 80 pages.  I will live blog as I read the rest.  Pretty sure that's never been done.  Another first brought to you by Chris Phillips.

11:21 - Found a typo on pg 117.  tsk tsk scholastic.

12:20 - I like how they weave romance in here without making me gag.

2:34 - Decided the game makers should have had a huge plastic hippo devour a tribute, then rename the book The Hungry Hungry Games.  

2:45 - Had to look up copse.  Who uses that word ever?  "Hey I gotta pee, but like, I'm outside."  "Just go find a copse!"  not likely, all I'm saying.

3:10 - Almost died in a deck chair mishap.  On Chapter 17 now. 

3:25 - I just looked up the song Katniss sings hoping it would be a real song I could listen to.  Disappointment.  Others on youtube have made a version.  Kind of scary. 

3:52 - The rule change seems kind of out of place so far. 

4:12 - Now it fits better. 

5:07 - completely unrelated. My wife just hooked up our new dvr and it's set for 1980. Did they even have dvr's yet? Heck, they didn't even have Nintendo.  Wait a minute!  Is my dvr a time machine?  Great Scott!  I'm at the feast.

7:54 - Done.  Plotting a way to get book two tomorrow.  Need to eat now.


  1. Now that's funny. Exactly what happened in said deck chair mishap?

  2. Isn't that one awesome book? Loved the run down.
    What is a copse?

  3. Very entertaining, Chris. You should do this again when you read the next book!

  4. Alex, I tried to sit in it all Fonz style and almost died.

    Kelly, A copse is a small grouping of trees.

    Rebecca, I will but will charge $3.99 as a part of my new Chris Phillips Blog Premium Package.

  5. LOL! Too funny. Still laughing as I imagine the deck chair mishap. :)

  6. 2:34--hahahahaha! I was just thinking about that old game this morning!
    You are too funny.


  7. Funny. Serves you right for trying to play the Fonz. :)

  8. Very funny, thanks for sharing.