Friday, July 1, 2011

More Chapterbook Word Counts

In a previous post I discussed chapter book word counts and gave a few chapter by chapter word count break downs for reference.  In my mind there are two subdivisions of chapter books that come before the real realm of Middle Grade.  They are Lower Grade (around 6-10+k) and Transitional readers (4-6k) but for my query I avoid those terms altogether, call it a chapter book aimed at ___, and then give the age range targeted.  Because, come on, no one wants to have this convo:

Thems:  Oh, you're a writer?
Me:  Yeah.
Thems:  What do you write?
Me:  Oh, I'm a lower grade author.
Thems:  ...well keep at it and I'm sure you'll do better. 

Here are a few more breakdowns for reference.  These are all purely for research purposes, I do not expect you to make your chapters these exact lengths, but from experience it sucks how little info is out there on the makeups of these books:

Horrible Harry in Room 2b by Suzy Kline (3,594)
Chapter 1: 785
Chapter 2: 885
Chapter 3: 577
Chapter 4: 603
Chapter 5: 744
Average chapter length: 719 words, Median Chapter Length: 744 words, Range: 308 words

Ready Freddy Talent Show Scaredy-Pants by Abby Klein (6,988)
Chapter 1: 860
Chapter 2: 522
Chapter 3: 649
Chapter 4: 1,071
Chapter 5: 542
Chapter 6: 525
Chapter 7: 1,062
Chapter 8: 751
Chapter 9: 1,006
Average chapter length: 776 words, Median Chapter Length: 751 words, Range: 549 words

Stanley, Flat Again! by Jeff Brown (5,923)
Chapter 1: 642
Chapter 2: 490
Chapter 3: 1,062
Chapter 4: 753
Chapter 5: 467
Chapter 6: 783
Chapter 7: 1,096
Chapter 8: 429
Chapter 9: 201

Average chapter length: 658 words, Median Chapter Length: 642 words, Range: 895 words



  1. I hate word count with a pungent passion.

  2. I remember reading Flat Stanley as a kid. Are the books really that small? Interesting. :)

  3. I don't do so well with word count.

  4. Word counts... eck. They're important, I know, but so frustrating sometimes.