Friday, June 24, 2011

Oddz N' Endz

Howdy!  Miss me yet?  Sorry I've been gone for awhile.  My computer isn't back yet and I'm on a loaner.  

-Two weeks ago I was in Texas for a wedding.  I got this flask for a friend:

 I'm sure Davy had no idea how meaningful his quote would be to the Austin airport gift shop industry. 

-In light of technical difficulties and wanting to have a relaxing/productive summer I'm shutting down MTMWT and the mailbag for the summer.

-It was pointed out to me that my email wasn't listed in my profile.  Ooops!  If you want to ask a question or be featured for MTMWT send me an email at clp3333(at)hotmail[dot]com(munications)  It's also in the profile now.  

-Last but not least I'm working on a draft that will be ready next week & I will need some crits for it (about 2 more.)  It's a chapter book, 7k word count.  I'll return the favor.  Email me if interested.  Since time is limited this summer I might turn you down if you're some chic-lit writer or author of 1,000pg historical non-fiction(unless it's about lobsters.)



  1. That is a sweet flask. Nice! Good luck on your draft. If you want, I'll take a look. I have nothing to give back for reading though.
    lydiaykang (at) gmail

  2. Nice flask. I hope you enjoyed the wedding. Good luck on your draft. I'll take a look if you would like my email is ladywriter1(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. Damn, and I was writing about sea urchins!
    Good to hear from you Chris.

  4. what's a chic-lit writer? you mean they write about candy?

  5. I love that flask. Sorry to hear about the computer troubles. Eeek.

  6. Ah, the great summer wind-down has begun all across the blogosphere. Well, computer issues don't help all that much either.

    I don't mind taking a look at it if you want. Not that I have a tremedous amount of familiarity with chapter books, but I'm willing to spread my beta wings a bit. :D

  7. Chris I have missed you! Hope you get your computer fixed soon. And enjoy your summer. :)