Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Music To Make Write To Starring... Cheese?

For those of you hoping for cheesy music or music picked by a block of Swiss cheese, sorry.  But We do Have Abe aka "Cheese Boy" from Blog O' Cheese here to discus his favorite writing tunes. Oh, There's a dance video (with pirates!) this week!  Follow this link: This Link.  Here are the Picks:

I almost always listen to music while I blog.  I am honored to be asked to share three of my favorite songs to listen to.

Given that my blog is a humor blog, you might think that I listen to humorous or upbeat music while I write.  While that is often the case, I am also often inspired by darker, more intense tunes.  Either way, here are three that have helped me the last couple of years.

1. The Temper Trap - Love Lost 

I love this Australian band's sound.  It is upbeat and haunting at the same time. While you may have heard their hit single "Sweet Disposition" on various movies and commercials, it is this song that is their best so far. It's sweeping melody and perfectly timed pauses are perfect for inspiring great writing.

2. The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

If you like heavy baritone vocals and tense, drawn out lyrics, The National is for you.  Their entire album last year, "High Violet" was insanely good, but it was this song that I would put on repeat while trying to capture the perfect post.  The driving beat and drawn-out-build always put me in the right frame of mind for writing. 

3. Vampire Weekend - White Sky 
Writing comedy is often very difficult and occasionally I need to be put in a light, airy frame of mind.  No band does this better than Vampire Weekend. My sons love to sing along to this song and its unusual chorus.  When I need to feel goofy and carefree to inspire a post, no song does it better than White Sky.



  1. Now that last one sounds like you, Abe!

  2. Cool picks! I actually hadn't heard these songs before. Of the three, I like the National the best. Cool drum beats and rich vocals!!

  3. would have thought the moldy peaches was more your style.

  4. I hadn't heard these either. Nice to hear something new!

  5. Thanks for letting me play. I love to talk music!

  6. Fascinating combination! :) I could definitely see/hear how that last one might help give a nice light, airy mood.

    Thanks for sharing! So fun.

  7. Okay the song for #3 is pretty cool but that video just scares me

  8. Wait...we can listen to music while we write? No one told me! This may make it easier...what else can we do while we write? I thought it was just sit in the chair and cry until words come.

  9. You have definitely broadened my musical interests. You have written about Vampire Weekend before. They do have an upbeat tempo sound.