Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oddz n' Endz 5/16

Welcome to Another week at the ole' ranch blog.  This is a day early so I can squeeze in the blogfest tomorrow. 

-I just got back from South Dakota where I attended the SCBWI of the Dakotas conference.  I'll do a wrap-up Fri.  I want to give it more than a paragraph's blurb since it was awe-inspiring. 

-Speaking of exotic writing getaways, Jessica Bell is hosting a writing retreat/workshop in Greece.  Deets here.

-I've lost over 20 pounds in about 2 months.   I'm on this progressive new diet where I have to have hunted and killed everything I eat.  The only wild animals 'round these parts is rabbit, sparrow, and really tiny frogs, so that limits things.  You can't hunt and kill a Twinkie, can you? 

Photographic proof (of weight-loss, not twinkie-hunting):


Tomorrow is the laughter is the best medicine blogfest.  Tues Kelly Polark is here for MTMWT.  Wed. has some wise sayings, and Thursday more mail.  Friday should be my wrap-up of the Dakotas (which was stinking phenomenal.)
Have a good week.  



  1. Really? Are you hunting and killing everything you eat? Does the frozen food section count?

    Have fun with that and dang!!! I got to get the laughter together. I almost forgot:))

  2. You may get desperate, but I recommend avoiding slugs. Slimy and not satisfying.

  3. Those are some lean pickings. How many frogs do you have to eat to get the right amount of protein? Still, you are looking good and that's what counts. Oh, and in addition to slugs, avoid big spiders. The legs are hard to choke down.

  4. Congrats on losing weight man

  5. Congrats on the weight loss! And thanks for the plug :o)

  6. Did you kill that bear and eat it?

  7. You sure the filling in Twinkies isn't a life form into and of itself?

  8. E! You're the man! I'm going to go sharpen my spear (which just happens to look like a spoon) and stab the life out of some greek yogurt!

  9. Hooray for a healthier you!
    If you're interested, there are a few moles in my backyard that would look great as a shish kebab.

  10. Lookin good Mr. Phillips!
    My kindergartener and I witnessed a squirrel being tossed around the blades of our A/C the other day. It's no wonder he's a vegetarian. (Squirrel's still dead and stuck inside until the a/c heater guy comes, you have first dibs)

  11. How long has it been in there again? Also, can you pour some marinade down your AC unit just in case? Maybe a nice honey bar-b-q or something of that nature.