Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Music to Make Write to Starring Debbie LaCroix

I had hoped that I could start a tradition where our MTMWT participants showed off their dance skills after last week's video of Kelly dancing to MJ.  Unfortunately, this week's guest flatly refused that idea and for some reason just wanted to post actual music.  Oh Well!  Debbie LaCroix was at the SCBWI of the Dakotas conference with me and has graciously agreed to share some of her musical favs.  Be sure to check out her blog and look out for her debut picture book coming this August!

First, I’d like to thank Chris for inviting me to be his guest blogger! I’m one of those “I was born with a pen in my hand” people. I’ve been making up and telling stories since I can remember. Sometimes I’ve even sung them.
Besides writing, I’ve always loved theatre, musical theatre is even better! So my Music to Make Write To involves…..
 My favorite Broadway Show Tunes!
I mostly listen to music in the car. This is my free mind time, especially when I have a little drive.  Though I do like other music (I just saw Elton John in concert! WOW), I love to be able to picture the story a musical delivers. Listening to musicals allows me to close my eyes (figuratively) and watch the story come to life.
Right now, my musical obsession is “Wicked.” I saw it in Des Moines, where it was good. And most recently in London, where it was “SPECTACULAR!!!!”
If I was to isolate my favorite song, it’s got to be “What is this Feeling.” 

It uses such great voice and character dialect to convey two characters who can’t stand each other!
I also love “Defying Gravity” because it has so much symbolism in it, and sometimes when I’m writing, I feel like that is what I’m trying to do: Defy Gravity! The writing world is very complex, and you sort of have to close your eyes and jump, hoping your wings (or broomstick), will lead you in the right direction. I’ve taken a few nose dives, though nothing life threatening yet. Luckily, water won’t melt me.
Another favorite song is “Anything You Can Do” from Annie Get your Gun. My dad and I love to break out into song, just for fun, and this is a favorite (along with anything from Fiddler). It’s a great ego booster for me, not sure why. I think it falls into my competitive nature. Really though, my husband and I are due for a duet with this—we compete a lot, all in good fun.  I promise not to record it and torture you. So instead, you can enjoy this modern day take featuring none other than your favorite Harry Potter characters:
And then of course, there is the wonderful song to celebrate getting a rejection letter, brought to you from the gang at “Avenue Q”:
Remember, there is always someone whose life sucks worse than yours, especially if you are Gary Coleman!
Or watch it in Swedish:
But of course, it all goes back to my very favorite musical as a kid! No one can ever deny the power of singing “Tomorrow” from Annie… over, and over, and over, and over….

I can go on and on about my favorite musicals! But if you need a boost, download your favorite musical and remember, “The hills are alive, with the Sound of Music…..”

(Debbie LaCroix is an author from South Dakota. Her debut picture book “It’s Almost Time” comes out this Fall from Kane Miller. You can find her at www.debbielacroix.com or littledebbiewrites.blogspot.com)



  1. All plays are better when seen in London!
    Glad I wasn't required to dance or sing...

  2. -Thanks for being here, Debbie.
    -It's coming, Alex. It's coming. :)

  3. What? No dancing Debbie? Love the cover of her picture book!