Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chris Phillips' Mailbag: When You Land an Agent

So I think something happened to Blogger(again) Tues. as I had an email or two saying people couldn't comment.  Be sure to check out this week's MTMWT if you didn't and go follow Debbie.  As always, send me your questions via email or comments.

This week's question comes to us from Marty of Jackson, Arkansas.  Marty Writes:

Longtime reader, first time poster.  I was just wondering if you ever think about how you might change when you land an agent.  Right now you're, like, the coolest dude ever.  Do you think it will change you?


Don't believe everything you read on a blog.  Just because I have a close circle of blogging friends and listen to Bieber doesn't mean I'm that cool.  I am, but you get the point.  I'd like to tell you I'd be down to Earth and continue to treat people the way I always have.  That would be a bold-faced lie.  

The day I land an agent I'm pretty sure I will go out for a steak dinner and sign the receipt for the waitress, "To Molly.  Happy reading, thanks for the water refills," and then sign my name disproportionally large and sloppy with a sharpie, ruining her little black receipt holding book by drawing over the gold embossed MasterCard logo (And I won't even care!) 
I'd drive from there and rent a hotel room for the night that I'd trash.  When the hotel people call me up I'll be like, "Call my agent!" then I'll jump in the El Camino I bought with cash and drive into the sunset. 

...That actually kind of sounds like a regular Wednesday for me.  Maybe I won't really change at all.



  1. Haha! Count me in for that celebatory steak dinner.

  2. Do you really listen to Bieber??????
    ( I guess I can't tease. I saw NEver say Never with the kids and enjoyed it.)

  3. Make it chicken and I am there lol

  4. Better stock up on those Sharpie's now. You'll be there before you know it Mr. Cool Man. :)

  5. I knew you were a Bieber fan!!

  6. Mmm, a steak dinner. Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Don't change, man. (*sniffles*).
    Don't change!

  8. Oh, an El Camino! What movie was that in. . .something about Mexico?

  9. Fun post to read. Good luck with your success and getting out of Nebraska. I'm sending big thoughts your way right now.

  10. :):) Love the mailbag Chris. The best part is the signature on the receipt :D