Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chris Phillips' Mailbag: Cold Feet

Have you been into Radio Shack lately?  What a crap hole!  I mean first of all, they are never really in shacks.  Talk about false advertising.  Secondly their slogan is patently false.  They say, "You've got questions.  We've got answers."  Well, I have questions alright.  So I went into Radio Shack last week and asked the salesperson, "Excuse me, but where do baby storks come from?"  Simple question... no good answer.  So if you have a question and truly want it answered, basically there are two things you can do.  1. Read the Bible (really long) 2. Send me an email asking me a question.  I'll answer it right here on the blog and I won't even make you stop eating pork or repent!

This week's question comes from M. Pax of Pacific Northwest, Idaho.  M. Pax writes:

My feet are often cold.  Do your feet often get cold?


You should check very carefully and make sure you wear shoes and socks when you are outside.  It might sound overly commonsensical, but it's like when you walk around your house looking for your keys for about a half-hour and then you feel around in your pocket and realize... I don't even own a car!
Me on the other hand, I use slippers to keep my feet warm.  Here is a pic of the slippers I'm wearing today:

Hope that helps.  

Your Pal,


  1. Cool slippers, dude. Not that I'd be caught dead in them, but they're still cool.
    Did you ask Google about the baby storks?

  2. I once thought Radio Shack was Radio Snack and started sampling the electronics. I broke a tooth.
    Sweet slippers!

  3. Love the slippers! Is there a matching bathrobe??

  4. LOL your slippers are too cute! Although I think we should get a picture of you modeling them.

  5. Awesome slippers. Do they go "RAWR" when you walk?

    I'd also recommend wearing a hat. A lot of body heat escapes from the top of your head. A hat, especially in cold-ass-Idaho, really helps out.

  6. Those are very good slippers. I'd like a pair like that. My feet get cold, too, and slippers do indeed help...

  7. Okay, my feet were also cold, so I printed out the picture of your slippers and I'm wearing it on my feet. Not only are my feet still cold, but I also have to jump everywhere because I only printed out one picture. Also, paper cuts.

  8. WHoa! I love those slippers! DO thy come in black or brown?

    My son loves radio shack; to him it's a wonderland. You should see what he creates from spare wires, lightbulbs, batteries and switches, he's amazing! :D

    YA Paranormal Romance Darkspell coming soon!


  9. Very nice slippers. I have purple ones.

  10. nice slippers - very toasty looking and can be used to pretend a monster is hiding behind curtains

  11. I used to have a pair of bunny slippers until my dog ate them.

  12. CHRIS: Totally unrelated...followed you from Nathan's blog, and wanted to tell you that one of our local school districts is actually buying iPads for 5th-high school, instead of spending tech $ in computer labs. And it's not a rich district. Also, at my kids' elementary school, a group of teachers approached the PTO asking for $ for iPods for first graders...not sure yet whether it will happen. Also, our public library loans out Nooks and the high school library does, too. Not arguing with you here, just wanted you to know some school districts are spending $ on devices that can be used for ereading. P.S. I am addicted to slippers.

  13. "WOW THOSE ARE CUTE" - girlfriend @ the picture.

  14. I loved Mary's letter. And your response was classic CP, so thank you for that. And thank you for scaring me with your slippers. They kinda freak me out.

  15. I don't go anywhere in my house without my slippers.