Monday, April 25, 2011

Oddz n' Endzzzzzz

Hope everyone had a good Easter.  Mine was pretty meh.  It seems like every business in Omaha decided to crap on me one at a time.  Short story, never buy EA games or go to the L St. Wal-Mart. 

If you haven't gotten a chance to read Elena Solodow's novel excerpt, go here to get details. 

There is a newish poll on the right ---> 

Go here to check out Liz Fichera's new book cover that is debuting today.

This week: 
Tues: No MTMWT
Wed: Chris Phillips Ponders 
Thurs: Mailbag 
Fri-Sun: I drink myself into a coma, just not on the blog.  

That's it for now.  If you ever have anything you want mentioned here on oddz n' endzizzzz, just email it to me. 




  1. Now I'm wondering which EA game you bought.
    I'm taking three kids to Walmart this afternoon. Now I'm scared...

  2. You mean, there's other choices than shoveling in as much Ben & Jerry's as possible? Why, lol?!

  3. The last EA game I bought was for my Super Nintendo: Madden 98.

    And if at all possible, I try to stay out of Walmart's altogether. They are evil.

  4. I think posts during that Friday-Sunday time would be fun. If the drafts turn out good, post them. :)

  5. That Walmart is more scary. Don't know why, but the 72nd street one seems like the Gucci WalMart in comparison.
    Nice poll. The answer was so obvious. Right?

  6. Gamefly. I don't buy games any more.

    If the comet is 30 minutes out ... I'm going to ... never mind, you can't say that on the internet.

  7. Damn, I'd read your Fri-Sun posts if you did!

  8. Chris, thanks so much for the mention! Much appreciated.

    Will there be a live web cam for the weekend drinkfest?!

  9. Thanks for the links, Chris! Hope you had a good Easter.

  10. Ben and Jerry and comets oh my! Yeah, I'd like to see you post while in a drunken stupor. It'll be fun, come on I triple dog dare you. ;)