Friday, April 1, 2011

New Poll!

I haven't done a poll in awhile.  Thought I should bust out a new one. In honor of tax season:

Who would you least like to have do your taxes?

Your Choices:
Bernie Madoff
Charie Sheen

Jimmy McMillan
Lindsay Lohan
Nick Nolte 
Be sure and vote or I'll scratch you off of my friend's list. 

Have a good weekend! 



  1. Tough choices. It was a toss up between Lohan and the robot thingy...but I figured it had to be computer-based so I'd y'know upload some tax software and be good to go. Lindsay, while I wish her well and hope she gets her life back together doesn't strike me as particularly literate, so she got the vote.

  2. Least like? Madoff.

    Most like? Starscream, or LiLo.

  3. got to be the Lohan for me...

  4. All such stellar tax accountants....

  5. I don't know if Lindsay would be that bad. Oh yeah, and she's dropping the Lohan, just so you know. Gotta keep her "rep" clean.

  6. Starstream. He's so cool I'd be like, "what taxes?"

  7. Oh, you made this really fun and interesting. After careful consideration I decided that Nick Nolte will not be doing my taxes this year. lol

  8. I voted. Seams like I was part of majority >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  9. That is a tough one, sir. I'll think it over and cast my vote when I return tomorrow.