Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Music To Make Write To Featuring MPax

This week the computers have chosen Mpax.  And with this profile pic:

I'm surprised she wasn't picked long ago. Take er' away, Mpax!

Well, for all three of these artists, anything they sing is fine with me. And you make me miss the fact I have not created a playlist on my new computer yet. So yes, I've been working to the sounds of traffic and cats and husbands.
Anyway, my list:

1. Paranoid Android by Radiohead. It helped inspire my second novel. It's moody and original. And it fit with my cyberpunk prose.

2. I adore Muse and they have many songs that inspire me -- OK, all of them. My current favorite is Starlight. But Uprising was an inspiration for my second novel, too. For now, I'd go with Starlight.

3. Anything by Elvis Costello. His silky voice ... well, he could just sing URL's until time ends and I'd remain a devoted fan. Besides his yummy voice, he's also an incredible songwriter. Love his old stuff with the Attractions and the new stuff. Picking one song is tough ... Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. Soulful and passionate. How I'd like my characters to be.



  1. Thanks for having me, Chris, and for the Elvis vid. Nice :D

  2. Thanks for coming, LOVE radio-head.

  3. Yes, the computer should've selected her ages ago!

  4. compiling play lists is oh so much fun! Great choices here!

  5. OK Computer and Kid A are two of the best albums ever. Great selections!

    Thanks M Pax and Chris!

  6. Great videos, Mary! It was fun getting to know you better through your music.

  7. great choices on the tunes...!