Monday, March 21, 2011

Odds n' EndZ

Arlee Bird, Jen, and Alex are hosting the A-Z blogfest beginning in April.  The idea is to go through the alphabet everyday but Sundays through the month of April.  I'm still mulling over whether I know the alphabet well enough to contribute.   Jeffrey Beesler had this post about why he is doing it. 

This weekend I traveled to the middle of Kansas to my wife's family farm and went to my first ever farm auction.  It was fun, and I got something worth $350 for $100 cheaper, but it was kind of scary having 4 farmers speed talking at you.  TwofiftytwoseventyfivetwofiftycanIgettwoseventyfive?

I also watched the last KSU basketball game of the season.  Jacob Pullen set the all time scoring record for KSU and scored 35pts in the game.  Wisconsin still won by 5.

Now on to my second favorite team (whoever is playing KU.)

Come back tomorrow for MTMWT with Lydia Kang.



  1. I'll be at the Sweet 16 games here in San Antonio, and I'll be sure to cheer against KU for you. I hated to see JP go out like that, but man he had a game to remember!


  2. Do we need to post the letters for you? I can do that!

  3. Sorry about K State. Illini got bounced, too. I was so hoping they'd put a little more fight against KU. Trust I'll be cheering against them. I'm doing the A to Z and I am nervous as heck. I hope I remember the order of the letters. LOL I'll have to have an abecedarian beside me.

  4. Come on, join in!! It will be fun!!!! You'll meet lots of interesting stalkers and psychos*&*^&()) I meant, followers and bloggers.... :)