Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Music To Make Write To with Jessic Bell

This week for deciding on our MTMWT participant I wanted to try something new.  I loaded my dryer with pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters; then I Jerry rigged it to run with the door open.  Each coin had a designation of which participant got the nod.  Unfortunately I found out:
a) bad idea
b) they all fly out at once and they're kinda hot
c) you shouldn't sit in front of it
d) bad idea.

So I just went with the first person who volunteered to do it.  So here is Jessica Bell to share her 3 writing fav's.

Artist: Porno for Pyros
Song: Kimbery Austin

This song gets me in a happy mood. I'm always in a depressed mood when I write for some reason, so this gets me appropraitely bouncy for - you know - happy love scenes, mother/daughter scenes - realizing that the life is good scenes, etc etc. Plus, I've been a fan of these guys since my teens, so I ain't gonna kick the habit!

Artist: Aimee Mann
Song: Wise up

This song gets me as low as low as low as low and is guaranteed to make me cry EVERY time I listen to it. People cry a lot in my work so this comes in handy. Then I go and hide in my bedroom and bawl my eyes out ... But I'm good as gold afterwards I promise! :o) It's very cleansing!
Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Song: Closer

Well, again, this is another teen favorite. Makes me wanna slip into my black patent leather body suit (well, if I owned one!). ;o) Need I say more?
-Jessica Bell


  1. Thanks for having me, Chris! :o)

  2. Way to go, Jess! I absolutely LOVE Closer by NIN!! That was my "rebel" song in high school. *sigh*

    Wait, you mean you don't own a patent leather catsuit? Okay, I don't either. It's actually a pair of patent leather chaps and a bustier, but close enough.

  3. NIN Great choice! I love this feature.

  4. Awesome song choices! Wise Up is a devastatingly sad video -- I was mesmerized. And NIN are my all-time favorite 90s band. Any song they do gets me in a great mood!

    Thanks Jess and Chris!

  5. Great songs, Jess! I listen to heartbreaking songs for sad scenes, too. Love songs with emotion!

    Thanks, Chris, for having us over to watch some music videos! :)

  6. Wonderful! I am listening to them now while doing bookkeeping...something that makes me laugh and cry... but not very romantic....

  7. Cool songs, Jessica! Love NIN and Aimee Mann. Have never listened to Porno for Pyros, but now I'll be checking out their catalog.

  8. Great songs Jessica! The Wise Up, I must admit, very sad.

  9. Great choices Jess! I used to love Nine Inch Nails back in the day.

  10. Nice songs! I still prefer classical when it comes to my real serious writing, but for things like blogging, etc rock and pop does well for me.
    You have good taste in music, Jessica.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  11. Closer - now that's a wild choice!
    Change in dryers is a bad idea, Chris.

  12. Thanks Chris and Jess! Love the Nine Inch Nails...but about that dryer, hmmm! (But gotta listen to sad to write sad..:)

  13. NIN gets me pumped up, for sure... but I am not sure I could write after that! An interesting selection... I actually usually pop in Moondance by Van Morrison, or Throwing Copper by Live.

  14. Love the tunes, Love the videos! Awesome stuff thanks for sharing!

  15. All great songs. I totally forgot about Porno for Pyros. Aimee Mann has such a haunting voice and that NIN song is one of my favorites from way back when.