Monday, March 14, 2011

Chris Phillips - Bracketologist

So for today, let's take a look at those brackets.  Mostly it's just prayers, luck, and going with what you know, but there are some tricks to it. I mostly throw wet linguine noodles at a wall and whichever number it looks closest to is the seed I pick. 

Start with the play in games.  The 16 seeds are meaningless, just eeney-meenie-miny-moe that stuff right there.  I went with Clemson in the 12 play-in, because they've seen better competition.  VCU is decent team and I've seen them win a grinder on the road, which USC can't do, so go with VCU there in the 11's play-in.  

Now pick the 1 seeds.  No 1 seeds have EVER lost to a 16 and never ever will ever.  So pencil that in right now.  No now!  K?  Now 90% of the time the 1's make the sweet 16 too, so you can probably pencil that in. 

For the 8/9's I went with: Mason, UNLV, Tennessee, and Butler.

The key for this bracket is to pick about 7-10 upsets in the first 2 rounds.  Teams are CLOSE this year and anyone can really beat anyone (unless you're a 16 seed.)  Now don't go crazy.  The 1's and 2's should win in the first round.  

Hot teams: (Washington, KU, Connecticut (but they are exhausted too, I have them losing 2nd round) Florida, Temple, Duke)

Teams wheezing to the finish line:  North Carolina, Texas, Mizzou, Villanova

Upset specials: BYU to Wofford, Kansas State to Utah St (hurts to type) Cincy over Conn. in the 2nd round, Temple over San Diego St. in 2nd round, Belmont over Wisconsin wouldn't be unreasonable either.

Remember to have fun, have low expectations for your brackets, and expect some upsets.  Good luck!  Come back tomorrow for MTMWT with Janet Sumner Johnson!



  1. I haven't selected my brackets yet, but my iPad has a cool app that not only lets me fill out a bracket, I can watch every game live. Yes, every single game!

  2. Wow...this sounds much like the conversations at my house. Of course you know who my son has picked for number one regardless of how tired they may be!

  3. I wrote about this today too. Sort of.

  4. UNLV over the Illini? No way, man. And I am cheering for NC to lose as always because they're like the Yankees.

  5. Wish I were into sports. That would make this so much more meaningful.

    Hey Chris, I just posted the winners of the Looking Glass Poetry battle at, and need a couple things from you.

    1. Your bio
    2. One more poem or a guest post somehow poetry related.


  6. I'm gonna be doing this later today or tomorrow for the work pool. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Just curious, when will the English transcript to this post be available?

  8. Well I sure hope Tennessee does not let you down. With KY being in the SEC I tend to cheer for those teams. Still have to fill my out but you can bet Duke will not be a favorite :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. I am commenting to prove that I am supportive of your brackets.
    Man, that sounded weird.
    I only (barely) follow pro football, so yeah. March is not that mad for me.

  10. No, no, no! BYU will not be upset by Wofford. No first round loss. Not this year! :)

  11. Yeah. I did my bracket for work today and umm...basically threw my pencil at page and wherever it landed was the winner. I KNEW I should have read more blogs this morning.