Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Music To Make Write To Guest Starring Jen

Salutations and Welcome to another edition of
MTMWT!  This week Jen from unedited has 
graciously agreed to stop by and share some of her favorite writing ditties.

Okay so I'm not much a music knowledge type of 
gal, nor do I listen to a lot but when I do I 
replay over and over again. There are moments 
in my writing where I'll hear a song that 
resonates for my main character and I can only 
write when it plays.

Anything by a Fine Frenzy, my personal favorite
being the last of days. This is perfect for 
when I'm starting a clean slate. I imagine 
myself sitting in a field of flowers with a 
notebook and the wind sweeping my hair in the 
powerful gusts. 

Animal by Neon Trees always gets me when I'm 
down or in a rough patch. Put that on and I'll 
be dancing around the house with my main 

Last but not least is Saturdays by Holly Brook.
I have no reason to like this song except to 
say the melody is toxic!  
Thanks for the fun!


  1. Those tunes are pretty cool! I prefer tunes with a lot more energy, though.

  2. These totally seem like Jen songs!

  3. Thanks for having me Chris!!! This was a lot of fun!!! I'll be tweeting about this now!!

    Les - I'm one that does love power to a song as well, but the melody's and summer feels are what keeps me coming back to these!!

    Candyland - You know me all to well!

  4. I love it when I haven't heard of any of the bands. Like today. Thanks guys!

  5. I love being introduced to new bands, too. Love the beginning of the One Fine Frenzy song that I'd never heard before (the band or song!).
    And I adore Neon Trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great picks, Jen!

  6. I had to come back and listen to the Holly Brook song. I just read that she is also the same as SKyler Gray who sang with Eminem at the Grammy's (and cowrote Love the Way you Lie). She has such an amazing voice!

  7. Toxic indeed. But not in a brit spears way. haha

  8. I loved all of these, especially A Fine Frenzy. :D Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great songs Jen! I haven't heard of any of these, I love finding new music. Thanks guys!

  10. I'm glad that I was able to showcase music that several people hadn't heard of. I love them and agree with Copyboy definitely not the Britney spears way!!!

    YAY KELLY! I love that we have the same choice in music!

    Thanks again for the invite Chris!