Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Music to Make Write to Guest Starring Renae Mercado

Good Morning and Welcome to yet another edition of Music to Make Write to.  This week I've invited Renae Mercado over to share some of her favorite writing songs with us.  Renae is the only person in the bloggosphere that I actually know.  We taught second grade together for two years and played on the same bridge team together (she cheats I tell you!)  Okay, maybe only one of those is true, but if she did play bridge I'd check her sleeves is all I'm saying.  Little did I know at the time that she was also a gifted YA writer.  Without further ado, here is Renae with her jams:

I love the idea of sharing the music that inspires us and have enjoyed reading what inspires others.  So when Chris asked me to choose up to three of my favorite songs that I listen to while writing I thought no problem.  Then I went to my play-lists and quickly changed my mind.
I have so many favorites and what I listen to completely depends on what kind of scene I am on and the mood I’m in at the time.  So I looked for the songs and artist that showed up more than once. 
  1. Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence
This song was a huge inspiration when I wrote FATAL BEAUTIES.  The main characters have a warped sense of how they view the world and this song helped set the mood for me.
  1. It Is What It Is by Lifehouse

Just about anything by Lifehouse works for me.  This is by far one of my favorite groups.  Every play-list I put together has at least one of their songs if not more.
  1. All I Need by Within Temptation

I thank my obsession for Vampire Diaries for this one.  Love that series and the music is amazing. 
I could go on but Chris did limit me to three so there you go.  Thanks for letting me stop by Chris!


  1. As a fellow Vampire Diaries lover myself (heck, I chose a soundtrack song on my week) I love that TWO songs made it into your final cut!!

    Great job, Ranae!

  2. I love Evanescence. Great choices. Listening to the Within Temptation choice right now, never heard it before. Lead singer has a great voice!
    And you both taught second grade? I'm a former third grade teacher!! And I cheat at bridge too! (okay I've never played bridge)

  3. I've got to get more hip with this music thing!

  4. So fun to hear what inspires others' writing! Awesome Renae!

  5. Within Temptation! Excellent choices, Renae. And I'd watch Chris's sleeves if I were you...

  6. Alex! How could you say that? I'd shake my finger at you, but aces would go flying!

  7. Totally agree about Vampire Diaries - I've gotten some great songs from that show, too!

  8. Great choices! I need to listen to more Evanescence. I like the soothingness of it. Yes, that's a word. :)

  9. I enjoy Lifehouse, too. Great band.

  10. Glad everyone liked the choices...oh and just so you know Chris is the cheater!