Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winning Entry

Before we get too far, check to the right for me Jbiebzy poll.  It won't be 100% accurate unless 146 of you vote, so make sure you vote now!

The $8 is mine, I can taste it!  Here is my entry for Elena Solodow's 100 words for $100 Kerbillion Dollar Stacks of Cash Giveaway Bonanza!

This is my entry, it might be terrible, and it contains an F bomb, so if that concerns you, avert your eyes!  Also if you are concerned at too much awesomeness too fast, avert your eyes from my entire blog!  Yeah!


Voter registration was a rush of freedom that could only be described as a Howard Hughes meets, John Lennon, meets the “Don’t taze me, Bro!” guy experience culminating  their love of liberty the moment I marked down independent on my voter registration form as a giant “fuck it” to my right wing capitalist up-bringing that taught me never to question, never to look deeper, never to seek a justification, and to choke down the stench of it all; that suddenly decrescendoed into oblivion the instant the portly woman behind the counter gruffly slid my selective service registration across the counter.

If you want a shot at the $8 of glory, visit Elena Solodow's page here.

I'm off to work on sending out queries... eeesh.



  1. Now that's what I call a sentence!! Go and register your vote!!

    p.s. who is justin beiber?
    pps. good luck with your querying!

    take care

  2. A great bit of writing and funny!

    My SIL is a cop, a while back he got to "taze" a guy wearing a "don't tazeme bro" t-shirt!
    He's now legend...

  3. @summer @marlene @mary thanks!

    @elana How much laugh on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being ha, 4 being hahahahaha, 7 being bwahahaha, 10 being certificate or participation worthy?

    @old kitty justin beiber is the pop sensation that is sweeping the nation!

    @That is a great story. Would also be funny if he hit him with a night stick. "your shirt said not to taze you!"

  4. Too much awesomeness!
    Lucky Old Kitty - she doesn't know who JB is.

  5. Impressive! And too funny about Pat's comment.

  6. Finally, a left winger that's not afraid to make people peen in their pants. Very funny.

  7. well I certainly got a giggle out of that hehe!

  8. Wow! That's quite a sentence! Good luck with that and your queries!

  9. Nice sentence! I'm still working on mine -- coming up blank. But you look ready to win. Good luck!

    ~ bess

  10. That's a great sentence. Good luck.

  11. Good luck with E's contest! I think you might have an edge here! But more importantly- good luck with those DAMN queries.