Sunday, January 2, 2011


News and notes:

-Head over to Jen's blog for her 1,000 followers gift giveaway. You can win bath salts!
-Elena has a 100 words blogconfest type deal starting now where you write a 100 word sentence and the winner gets the best prize of all (sheets of cotton with pictures of dead old people on them and small blue and red fibers woven into it!)  My entry will come sometime this week.  It will clearly win as I am like Mozart except only I use words instead of whatever Mozart used.
-You can vote for Alex Cavanaugh's CassaStar book trailer here.
-It's 2011 now.

Here are the results of our latest poll:
Q:Your plane is about to crash on a tropical island. You can only salvage one of these random things to use. Which is it?

Spaghetti Strainer (1)
Uses: this can be a really sweet helmet type thing as modeled by Rick here.

You could also use it practically to pan in the sand for crabs or mollusks, so not totally useless.

Picture book about narwhal whales (1)
Did you know that the narwals' horn is actually a long tooth?  Well you will right before you die alone on a tropical island if you pick this item!  Practically only usable for about 40 seconds of kindling you could have got from a coconut tree.
Let us gingerly touch our tips!

More than half empty bottle of cognac (6)

Wow.  Might as well have just made crack an option with you degenerates voting... "okay what are my choices?  Oooh, alcohol!  Yes!"  Fortunately for you lushes it is also the best choice given.  The alcohol can be used as an antiseptic and the remaining bottle can be used to make a solar still and collect condensation as dehydration would be your biggest concern. 
Hair dryer(1)
Come on ladies!  This was an obvious trap item... and it worked on one of you.  What are you worried you might need it in case you are rescued?  Really not much use out of an inert dryer.

Screw (2)
This is actually a pretty decent choice.  You can use the pointy end as a knife to cut coconut husks and poke out the germination pores for the milk.

Everybody need somebody.  At least you won't die aloneish?


It's no worse than the volleyball, but it is pretty useless.  The people who picked this are likely the people who back in 4th grade died of cholera in like a week in Oregon Trail and wondered why.  It's okay, I just shot squirrels the whole time.  

If anyone has any other perceived uses of the items, go ahead and throw them into comments.  New poll next week. 


  1. OK, I voted. Can you kill a narwhal with a screw?

  2. Sure, but their screw is much larger, so good luck storming the castle. Also narwhals live in colder waters.

  3. Thanks for the plug!
    And a wet Teddy bear could be used as a sponge. Bathing is important!

  4. A hairdryer cord could be used to hang food in the trees to keep animals away. Other than that, pretty useless. Never thought about the spaghetti strainer...interesting.

  5. Are those really horns or are the whales just pleased to see each other? :-)

    take care

  6. The whales make me think of Elf. I would have gone for the screw or the liquor. If you're going to die alone, it's best to do it drunk. A strainer could maybe help you catch fish if you're careful, but I'm not 100% on that one. Great poll!

  7. I tried blow drying my brains out for a gal back in the day. Didn't work.

  8. Thanks for following my blog, Chris. Had I been around in time to vote, mine would have gone to the picture book about Narwhals. Better to be well informed in the event of interaction!

    - Amy

  9. After reading this post, I am in fact changing the prize to sheets of cotton.

  10. I happen to love that teddy. He's soooo cute.

    He would hate my house, though. It's over crowded with stuffies.

    I must have missed Elana's blog the day she announced her blogfest. I can't believe it!