Monday, January 10, 2011

Poll Results - Jbiebzy edition

It's that time of week again when your vote is all that matters.  Let's go to the results!


Q: Hi, I'm Justin Bieber. Would you rather...


a) Punch me (3)

Why would you want to hurt the J-biebzy?  What did J-biebzy ever do to you?  Oh that's right. He force fed America this little diddy:

b) Have me sing to you (1)

c) Throw me in the ocean (4)

"I'm like baby, baby, baby oh... nooooo! (splash!)"  
This is by far the best option.  Punching minors is illegal friend says ...anyway, he'll either sink or at least the water might help with the hair problem, unless of course the mix of salt and pomade is toxic.  And no one wants another BP (Beiber Pomade) disaster.  Since we all know Biebzy loves the marine life! 

d) Cuddle (0) -liars!-

(crickets chirping)

e) Fix my goofy hair (6)

Earlier this year Jbiebzy and Tom Brady were beefing about who copied whose hair style.  Here is the evidence:

Really I don't see it though.  It would be more appropriate to beef with her:

But I saw Million Dollar Baby and Hillary will knock you out, son.

f ) Both a and c (14)

At least give the kid a fighting chance!  

g) Both a and d (1)

Some of you have been watching WAY too much Californication.  No cuddling and punching!

Those are the results, check back later today or tomorrow and I'll have another poll running.



  1. This was too funny Chris! I know you'll be one of the first in line to see his new 3-D movie when it comes out!

  2. I think what's even funnier about having a poll about Bieber ... you obviously spent a good deal of time googling pictures of him for this post.

    You are sooo a Bieberholic! Admit it.

  3. Fix his goofy hair. Pleeease, someone fix his goofy hair.

  4. I voted both A and C. This kid is the butch Miley Cyrus. Ah well, in ten years it'll be Whatever happened to...

  5. I still say the hair. Fix the hair and all will be right with the world! Take care

  6. This is so damn funny. Poor Beiber will never get any respect. He could turn out like Timberlake and people will still mock him for his 2010 haircut.

  7. That hair poster is gold! LOVE it! Shoot, poor Bieber. But that's nice of you about not punching him and all. :)

  8. Too funny! I love the way the hair is the same, even in the ocean. And hey J-beibzy, don't you know that for every dolphin you swim with about 100 were brutally bludgeoned to death? Not cool little dude!

  9. I now sort of know who Justin Beiber is. Thanks for the education. He's no David Cassidy ... lol

  10. I'm happy with the results. This little twerp is nothing but another product being crammed down our throats. He's no different than shampoo or a car...

    I loved the way you announced the results. "this is no country for young men (with bad hair)"

  11. I had that hair in '76 and no one plopped 1.5 million in my lap.

  12. Ahahaha. "Hillary will knock you out, son!"