Monday, January 17, 2011

Poll Results: Ficticious Vehicle Edition

You've voted and once again here are the results:

Q: Which fictitious vehicle do you want the most?

a) The Delorean (3)



This famous movie car was based on an actual car made in the 80's in Northern Ireland.  Like all things made in Northern Ireland Doc Brown was able to make his run on beer.  Although most of them didn't fly or travel through time when you reached 80 miles per hour.   If you voted for this tell me where you'd go in the comments.


b) Mystery Van (1)



So you're driving around a green van with flowers all over it looking for monsters, you haven't cut you hair ever, you eat all the time, and are super paranoid about ghosts.  Yeah... real mystery about what you guys are doing in there.


 "Can I see your license and registration?"


c) Jetsons Aerocar (3)

Flying car = cool
Having a 1 star crash rating because the entire top of your car is glass = not as cool.
Also the trunk space is terrible.

d) A Camry that stops when you hit the brakes (1)


What good are side airbags if you never get to use em?

e) The General Lee (1)



So wait a minute... I just passed up a car without brakes, for a car that has doors that don't open?  Raw Deal!  Cool horn though.


f) Voltron (0)



Easiest choice ever.  Do you want to drive a 40 story tall robot to work today, or just take one of robot lions instead?  What's that you say?  You don't want to take the green lion.  That is okay, just take the red one.  Finding a parking space can be a bitch though.




g) The Batmobile (6)



Though versions have varied greatly throughout the generations the best are the original and the newest one used in the Bale movies. If you picked this let me know your favorite Batman movie, or tv show in the comments.



  1. Too many good choices. What a cool poll.

  2. I want the current Batmobile. With torpedoes.

  3. How did I miss this? I would have totally gone with Voltron!!!

  4. I was all excited to say I'd use my Delorean to go back to like Renaissance England.

    Then I remembered the car takes you back to wherever you are, only in an earlier time. I'm fairly certain Baltimore circa 1500 AD isn't really a hot tourist spot. Dammit.

  5. I would go 1000 years into the future just to see cool stuff I could bring back.

  6. I'm thinking the Delorean.
    I really do need to go back to the future, or to the past, or maybe even yesterday...

  7. I'm still sticking with the aerocar. It makes that cool noise!!

  8. Who needs trunk space when your car can fly? And when you're flying , there's no one else to crash into. All the dumb drivers who cause accidents are on the road below.

  9. Batman Returns (1992) mainly because of Catwoman and the Penguin.

    :-) Take care

  10. I picked the Jettson car, too. Although, the batmobile is very nice. Holy tires!

  11. Aw I missed this poll but of course I would've picked the DeLorean! :)

  12. I picked the Batmobile, the new one with Bale because like I said fast cool and indestructible. I think I'd go to California with my Larry of a dog:)

    And I like all the Batman movies (Michael Keaton was especially good in the first one) but I have a special fondness for Michelle Pfeiffer's catwoman. Can you say meow?

  13. The Delorean for sure. I'd love to play with the doors and knock someone on their butt! Heehee!

  14. When you have a chance, I have a little something for you at my place.

  15. Totally the DeLorean. Although the Batmobile beckons!