Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Music to Make Write To: Denouement

Denouement is a French word that translates something to the effect of "tying up loose ends." It is pronounced (day-new-mon(but like the n at the end is dampened and said ever so daintily.)) It helps when trying to pronounce this overly French word around your friends if you eat a crepe and surrender at the same time.

Anyway... This is the end of your book. Kiss it good bye (that is until you go to edit/revise 1,000,041 times.) There are two ways to go here. Happy or sad. Perhaps Rico and Antonia are finally sailing off into the sunset together, in which case this would fit.

But if the world has been turned into a wasteland of zombie/vampire hybrids at the end of which the last two uninfected vampires get infected and turn in each others arms to culminate the end of us all... this might be more appropriate. 

This is the end of this series, unless someone has a suggestion I'll just go back to posting a bunch of rocktastic songs to write to.  Let me know down below.  



  1. Mine end on a happy note. Not so much a happy ending, but I'm happy to be through the first draft.
    How about doing some writer features? What song inspires them and why?

  2. Denouement can hurt - more than one's tongue. Gah! The edit phase. I feel like I've done little else since last spring. That is false however. Just feels that way.

  3. I might prefer the happier ending although I guess happy endings are pretty relative.
    I'd forgotten how depressing that REM song is. Either song works for the scenes as you have described them.
    If you post rocktastic songs that's okay if you write something good to go with them. Then again you could tell us about Nebraska.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Tell you about nebraska?!? you said you liked happy endings!

  5. Great series. I like happy endings.

  6. I think the denouement can be challenging to write. There is often so much to wrap up. Thank goodness there are those 1,000,041 revisions. : )

  7. I just got here so I'm not allowed to vote.

    What happens to the two zombies? I mean, since there's a baby involved and back child support...not to mention all those tickets for littering body parts on the highway.

  8. This is good! I made the mistake of shortening my denouement way too much at the end of my last novel, and had to add a scene or 2. *grin*

  9. I'm a sucker for the bad ending with the happy twist.

  10. the curve is cool :)

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  11. post more "rocktastic" songs. following and waiting =)