Monday, January 3, 2011

Music to Make Write to: Climax

Week 1 
Week 2 

More mood music.  Here is the chart again.  

For those about to rock, we salute you!  This is the climax (In other words my best post ever!)  Your music here should be charged and drive you through the action.  This is your carbomb music, your Jason Bourne Hotel shootout symphony. I prefer to listen to angry rock music for this.   

I'm going to throw out some beauties, but like always what would you listen to in order to flavor your climax scenes?

This song was given to me by Candyland

Tool - Aenima (lots of language in this one.)  Anything Tool is good angry climax music. 

There is a new poll for this week on the right.  Rock the vote and such.



  1. You know... I dont think I've ever looked at songs based on where they fit into the plot diagram. When a song fits for my novels, it usually is just a song that is perfect for a specific character, setting or situation. The song that goes with the climactic moment in my current novel is One Armed Scissor by At the Drive in. Thought the rest of the soundtrack includes a number of other songs from random styles.

    Thanks for the examples.

  2. I'm with Amy, I never thought about music this way. I guess for me a good climax song is Enter Sandman by Metallica. I listened to it when I was plotting out the climactic moment of my werewolf tale.

  3. Requiem for a Dream is one of the best writte, produced, editted films I have ever seen.. This music score you selected is amazing..Perfect fit!

  4. oops..forgive my typos.. damn!

  5. I love matching music to some of my wips! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! Either way I enjoy it!

  6. Tool is angry. you got that right. Wow, I'll have to check that movie out.

  7. Your plot diagram is brilliant :0)

  8. I'm listening to Skid Row (Downtown) from Little Shop of Horrors as I read your post.

    Thought I'd just tell you! :-)

    Take care

  9. Ok, so I listened to a bit of all three.....and I liked the first and the last. The middle one, not so much. Meh.

    (And Justin Bieber totally needs his hair fixed.)

  10. Funny how motivating music is. I made much progress in my exercising this summer listening to old Jackson 5. Stop laughing!

  11. Love the diagram! I can't write without my music. One of the first things I do when I start a new ms is make a playlist.

  12. I'm late, but Happy New Year, Chris!!

    Um, since I write what have been deemed paranormal romance, I'm not sure the "climax" is the word I'd choose. :o

    In all seriousness, I tend to listen to musical scores when I write so the words I'm writing don't get jumbled with lyrics. My favorite angry, climax song is from Interview With the Vampire, it's the one where Luis goes on a rampage killing all the other vampires. It may be instrumental, but there is venom in that song!

  13. Cool songs. The first one definitely sounds perfect for a climactic scene!
    Also on the poll...I don't care for Bieber's music, but yet I'm not violent so I chose sing to me. Because it would make for an awesome story or blog post later. :) And the hair thing, my rocker eleven year old kind of has Bieber hair, though he'd be mad if I told him so!

  14. Is it bad that I use Justin Bieber songs for all the climatic moments in my stories?

    Joke! I swear it's a joke! ;)

  15. Bummer -- I can't listen to any of them b/c somehow my computer settings don't allow it and I can't figure it out *sigh*

  16. Now I'm pissed! I have a brand new computer and it's not letting me see these things! I have to go get a hammer, I'll be back later!

  17. -alex I was born rockin
    -marlene I like the guitar dissonance in the 2nd, but not as much the singing
    -pat and christina, check links below maybe?

    for those searching the songs on youtube themselves:

  18. Ummmmmm totally made my day to see BERT on here. Yeessssss.....