Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogfest - Top 10 Songs

Today's post is a part of Alex Cavanaugh's Top 10 Songs That Make Your Botty Go Boump Chica Boump Bououououoump! BlogfestIf you haven't signed up yet, it is way too late and no one will respect your musical opinions this far into the game.  I had a hard time making this list because I listen to a lot of music, and it's hard to know what music I'm listening to now will stand the test of time.  Here we go: 

10) Joker - Steve Miller Band

Just a classic song.
9)  Log - Ren & Stimpy


8)  Bob Dylan - Times are a Changin'

I don't like every Dylan song, but it's like he was an oracle or something in this one.  

7)  NIN - Everyday is Exactly the Same

6)  Jars of Clay - Frail

I used this song to fall asleep to for almost an entire year.

5)  Beck - Loser

Soy un perdador.  I'm a loser, baby. You can say all you want about Nirvana starting 90's alternative, but this song was like the centerpiece. 

4)  Arrested Development - Tennesse

Best rap song lyrics ever.

3)  Blackbird - Paul McCartney

Amazing song, with amazing guitar technique, kind of hybrid of strumming and picking.  Not sure any Beatle ever wrote a better song.

2)  Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown - Jim Croce

While it's a little hokie, it was a song my mom told me my dad (named Leroy) liked so it has a lot of memory.  Jim was a pretty good song writer if you have a chance youtube him.

1)  Evaporated - Ben Fold Five 

This song never even made it off of the album in terms of being a hit, but I remember listening to this song 20 times in a row several times in high school.  The last stanza is the best.
What I've kept with me
And what I've thrown away
And where the hell I've ended up
On this glary random day
Were the things I really cared about
Just left along the way
For being too pent up and proud

Woke up way too late
Feeling hung over and old
And the sun was shining bright
And I walked barefoot down the road
Started thing about my old man
It seems that all men
Wanna get into a car and go

Here I stand--sad & free
I can't cry and I can't see
What I've done
God...What have I done
So don't you know I'm numb, man
No I don't feel a thing at all
Cause its all smiles & business these days and I am indifferent to the loss
I've faith that there's a soul
whose leading me around
I wonder if she knows
Which way is down...

I poured my heart out
I poured my heart out
it evaporated...see?

Blind man on a canyon's edge
of a Panoramic scene
Or maybe I'm a kite
That's flying high & random
Dangling a string
Or slumped over in a vacant room
Head on a stranger's knee
I'm sure back home
They think I've lost my mind.
Can't wait to see what you peeps have on your lists.  Have a great week. 


  1. "It's too late and no one will respect you..." Thanks for starting it off with a good laugh, Chris!
    "Log!" I still know the lyrics to that one.
    Thanks for participating!

  2. what a great selection of music... even LOG!
    thanks for the melody's,

  3. I've actually HEARD about half of these...but pretty much it's because my brothers or husband have been playing them. LOL.

  4. These are booty shakin' songs? ;) favorite Beatles song. If you're in Vegas and you like the Beatles even a skosh (which it appears you do), you MUST see Beatles Love (cirque show). Breathtaking. And they do Blackbird.

    Good song list.

  5. Brain Exploding awesome list---seriously-- The joker, to Loser... I'm rocking out all day long here. thanks!

  6. I really love the last song. I've never heard it before but it's a gem. Thank you.

  7. Awesome! Awesome! selection. Do you know, as huge of an NIN fan I am, I had forgotten about that song. Gawd, I love it! So far, almost every list I've hit has had a song I considered for my list. Yours: The Joker.

    Log. *snort*

  8. Wow. What a great list! This may be my favorite yet, thanks Chris.

  9. Totally complete list, Chris! Tennessee, that brought back memories. Love that song :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  10. OOOH!!!! frail is an AWESOME song!! and blackbird too! i can't believe you have a ren and stimpy song!!! great list!!!

  11. Awesome selection. The Joker made my list, too.

  12. Never heard Evaporate, amazing lyrics - great song. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and the rest of your list is pretty awesome, too.

  13. OMG, I can't believe you put Log on there. That's so perfect, somehow!

  14. Ren and Stimpy! lol Are they still on? Great picks!

  15. Hilarious that Log made your list!
    And any Beatles song is great!!!

  16. Gotta love The Steve Miller Band!

  17. OMG, you had me at "Log!" LOL! Awesome.

  18. p.s.

    It's better than bad, it's good!

  19. Great list! You've got several tunes I didn't think of all battling for space in my head right now!

  20. I that the log song. I wanted one of those so badly for Christmas when I was in the 7th grade. All I got was stick. It just doesn't get the job done running over the neighbor's dog.

  21. Nice list. I'm a big Jars of Clay fan and that song is a beautful tune to fall asleep to or just meditate to. I'm real partial to "Tennessee" since I consider that state to be my real home. I saw Arrested Development open for a female singing group whose name I always forget. They were in a small theater in Anaheim, CA and it was a great concert.

    Make sure you check my Wednesday post!
    Tossing It Out

  22. I like Jim Croce, and having heard alot of the Beatles I have never heard of Blackbird. The rest of the songs I am not familiar with. Thanks for sharing.

  23. This is some diversified list...

    You surprised me with Jim Croce and the Beatles.


  24. Ten songs.

    You only got ten songs.

    And you chose Ren & Stimpy? *shakes head*

    And no, no Saddam here. I may be a little sadistic at times, but I'm far less hairy.

  25. Oooh! I LOVE practically every song on this list! Great picks!

  26. Fantastic songs! Blackbird is one of my all-time favorite Beatles song.

  27. Beck is beyond words. Love Loser as well, though it didn't make my Top Ten (because I completely spaced). It was so hard to narrow it down, but you've got a GREAT list here!!

  28. Girls love log!!! I practically wet myself the first time I heard it and loved how they did little updates with the episodes. An awesome list made even better by including the Ren & Stimpy song. Thanks for sharing.

    My Top Ten Songs

  29. Bob Dylan and Arrested Development - diverse but I love them both these tracks too :)

  30. So far, you're the only person I've found (other than myself) who included a Dylan song in their Top Ten. But then I have a long way to go yet before I've seen all the lists.

    >>.....Jim was a pretty good song writer

    I don't have a Croce song in my Top Ten but, nevertheless, Jim was more than just a pretty good songwriter. He definitely rates amongst the best.

    It was refreshing to come across a list with some songs on it that I actually know!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  31. OK, the fact that you put Log on here makes you totally awesome!

    Beatles. ::thumbs up::

  32. Log rules!! This list is a fantastical musical journey to be sure. I love Leroy Brown and Loser.

  33. So you seriously have great taste in music. Well, except for that whole Ren & Stimpy thing...

  34. Interesting mixture of songs you've listed here :) Some I've never heard of so I will enjoy checking them out :D

  35. I only knew the Beatles but being British then that'a the reason, we don't always get songs from America that are hits there likewise you brom the UK.

    Very interesting list.

  36. Now that's a fun mix of songs, from The Beatles to Beck, woo hoo!