Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Writing Blog

Recently I have gotten several emails about my blog:

Gary in Indiana writes:
Chris, I am wondering what this blog is about.  I mean you are supposed to be a writer, yet most of your posts are about music, or the holidays, or mutant lobsters.  What's the deal?

Mitch in Omaha writes:
Dude, are you the guy who keep burning poop bags on my porch?  Not cool, man!

Holly in Florida writes:
Hey you never really post much about writing? this is a writing blog, right?

Harold in Oregon writes:
I agree (even though I don't have access to your email to know what others are saying.)  What are you hiding?  Are you even a writer?  Are you just making this blog to pad your Amazing Race application?  Is this some trick to distract me from my writing?  Which government do you work for?  How many electrons are in helium?  What are you distracting us from?  Why are you doing this to me?!?

Well everyone, these are intriguing questions.  Of course I'm not trying to distract you from some deep dark blogging truth.  In fact I have provided a scientific explanation below that answers all of your questions about this blog.  Please scroll down to find it.

Keep going!

Almost there!

Look!  I got a puppy!  Isn't she cute?  I named her SoCo!  She's a Tiberian Tiger Dog (boxer!)  Look at the puppy!



  1. DAWW!!!! She's adorable!!!!!!!!! I love boxers! What does your older dog think of her?

  2. Haha.. Guess you told them..
    What an adorable puppy!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful!
    Best to you in 2011!

  4. She is adorable!!
    I love the tiger stripes.

  5. Cute dogs! You have a great space here. I'm excited to be your 100th follower. Yay!

    Have a Happy New Year!

  6. She is cute! And for the record, us writers use many things to inspire us. So if our blogs stray off topic a bit, it's just part of the rabbit trail that helps us eventually get to our destination. Thanks for coming by my blog and following. Nice to meet you!
    Happy New Year,

  7. Your puppy is adorable! And I have a writing blog and talk about writing about every fourth post or so. It's cool.

  8. And by it's cool I mean it's cool to not always having to post about writing on a writing blog. Not that I think my blog is cool. But I secretly hope that it is.

  9. Hey, I'll take puppy pictures over writing tips anyday!
    Hope those people don't find my blog. "What with all this movie crap?"

  10. Awww the puppy and the other doggy are GORGEOUS!!!!!

    I hope you really aren't the guy who burns pooch bags in that person's porch. :-) Take care

  11. People DO NOT realize that writing comedy is the hardest kind of writing there is. I've read many books that say that if you can write comedy well, you can write anything well. You seem to be doing a great job of that. I shall return.

  12. okay. definitely my kind of humour here. Love it. Especially any blog that posts dog picts!

  13. That puppy is likely to be employed for a very long time as your muse. Excellent distraction!

  14. That is one manly canine there, but still very cute!

    This was a funny post. I don't always write about writing but you know what? That can get old. And not writing about writing shows that you have depth and versatility. They're just simply jealous.

  15. PUPPY! I love how they sleep with their back legs straight. And the paws, and the ears, and... wait, what were we talking about?

  16. TOO CUTE!

    Boxers are the sweetest. And yes she will take up every waking moment of you time!

    About your blog. Sometimes writers want to read something else besides posts on writing. I myself post a Design tip of the week. I talk about art sometimes, too. So let the others read about writing. God only knows there are hundreds of bloggers blogging about writing.


  17. Awww...I love your puppy. And by the way, I'll be looking up how many electrons there are in helium. LOL

  18. I like what you did there :)

    And thank you for my daily dose of cute!

  19. Aw, great puppy! WHat a great distraction!

    Thank for following my blog. I will reciprocate. :)

  20. Cute pups! both of them...
    thanks for signing on at my place. I came to check you out. you are all over the place! I LIKE it!

  21. What a cute, cute, cute puppy!!!! I say you most certainly do not have to blog about writing if you're putting up such exceptionally adorable doggie shots. Hope the dogs are getting along and everyone is happy with the new addition!

  22. Awwww, what a cutie! My blog is rather random too...

    Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

  23. That puppy is adorable!!!!! And not distracting at all....

    I like random stuff - keeps it interesting and fun! :)