Friday, December 17, 2010

Winner Winner Olive Garden Dinner / Weekend Update

The results are in.  I had an impartial 3rd party rate the haiku's entered for my Ultimate Haiku Giftcard Giveaway Party.

Here are the results: 

#1 Winner:  Chris Phillips
 My haiku:

This is my contest!
You cannot defeat me, fools!
Red Lobster is Mine!

#2 Winner:  Googlebot
Googlebot's haiku:

<server: /is not found/>
<server:  --timeout-no response/>  
<server: #this is spam/>

#3 Winner: Jeffrey Beesler
J-Beesley's haiku:

Hunger fuels my rage
Waiting by the order box
They'll be right with me. 

Since I was disqualified for running the contest and seeing as Googlebot does not like Olive Garden or Red Lobster, I have decided to mail the gift card to Jeffrey.  Congrats!  Thanks to all those who participated in my contest.  

This weekend is most likely going to suck.  The wife works both days so I'll be home alone.  The Cats play Florida tomorrow.  Here how it went:

I've been filing rejections on querytracker this week.  They look so much worse when you put them all together. 

I'm going to start sending my next manuscript to my Betas this week so I'll probably spend the weekend giving it one last look.  I hope they like it.  

Someone tell me they have better weekend plans than me.



  1. I hope your betas like it! As for querytracker, well. It's all about being a tortured writer, right? QT is good at reinforcing that.
    I hope you survive your weekend!

  2. i'm working. :D

    i agree with lydia. embrace the tortured writer aspect, chris. that's about all we can do at this point.

  3. I fear the cats are not going to win, although I'd like them too.

  4. Thanks for the gift card! I'll email you the details of where to mail it.

    And keep pumping out the write stuff. It's the only way to go.

  5. And which "Cats" are we speaking of? I'll be at the KY Wildcat game.

    My weekend is all slip-sliding due to ice :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Jeffrey, great job on the Haiku! I don't even know the rules about those things. Isn't that terrible?

    Plans for the weekend include dinner with mom for 80th birthday and hanging with family. Not bad!

  7. Congrats to Jeffrey on the giftcard! Wonderful haiku!

    Just a reminder! Be Jolly By Golly Blog fest is this Monday! Melissa and I look forward to reading your entry!

    Unedited & Jules and the Stars

  8. LOVE the haikus! *laughing*

    Well, I saw Black Swan and Tron - Black Swan was WONDERFUL - Tron was, well ... not so much I guess.. but I had a great time!

  9. I love just about everything you said!! You're so random and I love random people! Are you seriously wearing a K-State snuggy? Do you realize they flog and kill people in Nebraska who do not watch Husker football? I think it's great you're from Omaha -- I went to college there. Have a fantastic Christmas!

  10. Good luck witht he betas. I too am adding up rejections. Sad face. 2011 - here we come! Full of partial requests, right?