Friday, December 10, 2010

Weekend Update.

So I actually wrote something yesterday (high fives!)  I've had ideas for a novel that I've wanted to work on for years but haven't been able to get around to starting.  It just feels like everything that gets put down pales in comparison to what I had in mind.  My goal is to work on it while I'm waiting on replies to queries for the children's chapter books.  We'll see, but it I feel better about this start than I have about the others.  It's not much but anything I don't immediately select all and then delete is improvement.   

This weekend is my wife's clinic's Christmas party.  Should be a good time.  Pretty much all women work at my wife's clinic so drama abounds + booze.  

Last week I told you I was going hunting.  I did.  I shot a 10 point buck.  So did my wife.  Long story short we shot the same deer.  Mostly people don't both try and shoot at the same deer, but someone flushed it and 7 doe into our pasture and I only had the iron sights rifle so I told her to shoot when I did just to be sure.  One of us got the lung the other got the heart, so both were good shots.  No meat was damaged either.  

I felt bad for the hunter in the other field who flushed them out.  He was 40 yards behind the herd trudging through trees and waiting for them to stop and look around so he could get a clear shot  He was within 120 yard of our stand.  I don't think he knew we were there until we fired two shots.  I could understand if he crapped his coveralls.  I saw him and he was no where near our line of fire, but my rifle in particular is loud.   He'd also been tracking them awhile so it had to be hard watching us shoot his buck, but he couldn't come on our land anyway so sorry, Broseph.  The wife was insistent on getting a head mount so in April I will have a deer staring at me full-time.  Yay?  

Also last weekend was awesome because of this moment.  
See the guy pointing?  That is Dan Beebe.  This summer he almost oversaw the end of his conference (he is conference chairman) and my school and 3 others would have been financially and competitively dead in the water for decades in crappy non BCS leagues.  Basically Nebraska bailed to the Big 10 and 4 schools did not have major conference invites if the Big XII fell apart.  In the 11th hour a deal was struck to make a 10 team Big XII.  Last Saturday Dan "the man" Beebe avoided having to hand NU the last conference trophy and look like an idiot on national television.  Sometimes life works the way it is supposed to. Live it up, Dan.  Live it up!

In life we often do not get second chances.  This week is your final chance to WIN BIG in my contest to end all contests.  It is also the last week to vote in my poll.  Currently Snooki is leading the pack in being least enjoyable to be stuck in an elevator with.  Followed closely by Gilbert Gottfried and your mother.  

Finally there is another contest you might wanna check out.

Happy Weekends to All!



  1. Too bad you didn't get a picture of the hunter's expression - in Visa card commercials, that's known as priceless.

  2. Lots of deer on and around our Louisiana farm. Seems like evey year some hunter doesn't pay attention and gets so scared his/her toes curl. Sounds like you bagged a good one.

    About football, something's got to be done about the BCS.

  3. Dang, I want to go to a party with drama + booze - as long as I can just wtach the drama and not be The Drama :-D

  4. Grats on getting the writing done! I hope you keep at it. And yep I definitely feel sorry for that hunter. lol.

  5. Hubby is going out again in the morning. Run Bambi, run.

  6. the london girl in me wants to yell Ew and run, the girl who lived in Iowa is all laughing at the poor hunter and impressed by u two crack shots.
    I have no comments on the Head Mount.
    Hi and thanx for stopping by my blog today.

  7. Drama + booze can make for a dangerous, albeit entertaining, combination.

  8. My congratulations on the deer head.

  9. Congrats on the deer. Double congrats for taking it down cleanly.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate it!

  10. It cracks me up that you put yourself in the elevator poll :)

    And I can't believe you and your wife go hunting together. My husband would love it if I did that! I'm too big of a chicken (and don't like the thought of how chicken ends up on my plate)

  11. Parties with drama can be fun as long as you get to sit back and just watch. ;)