Monday, December 6, 2010

Music to Make Write to - Villian Edition

This week I thought I'd throw a twist into MTMWT (Music to Make Write to.)  Normally I share good music to play whilst writing and charm you all with my impressive wit (Que affirmations of my impressive wit.)  This week and probably the next couple I'm selecting mood music.  Now before you all get naked I mean moods for writing.  This week I've selected a song by Dr. Dog called The Beach.  It has a slow steady swank to it that I think is perfect for writing villains.  

Here are the lyrics too:

There's a hole in the roof and the rain's coming down
The roads are flooded, there's no way back to town
And the ship we came in on has just run aground
You know fate has a funny way of coming around

The memories we've buried have just taken seed
When springtime comes they'll turn into weeds
And they'll creep through your window to smother your dreams
You know fate has a funny way of coming around

Oh, they'll carve our names like scripture to the soles of the feet
Each footprint that they take it will tell of our feat
'Til the night of the following rain
'Til the low tide comes to swallow the pain

This bottle of bourbon is now dry as a bone
It drank us all up and then it left us alone
Well, we've since switched to skull pot but we can't choke it down
You know fate has a funny way of coming around

If you know any good ditties pertaining to writing evil characters go ahead and throw a link in the comments.  Happy writing.  


  1. That's a great song for a villain!

  2. Oh this was great.. great song and your words fit the music perfectly..
    Hmm, let me see if I can scratch up something and I'll pop back and link it..

  3. I could definitely see a villain coming out of that music. :)

  4. The only thing I know is the Storm Trooper march. No lyrics there. Sorry.

  5. Love that music, but not something I would write to because I'd get too distracted. I tend to play classical while I'm writing because there are no words to listen to. Lately, I been cycling through the 9 symphonies of Anton Bruckner over and over--it's intense music that is not overly fast and is good for background mind stuff.
    I'll need to check out Dr. Dog though cause I like that style of music.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Dude. I wanted to vote for Snooki and GG but I couldn't. Oh well.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm now following yours.

    Nice ta meet ya!

  7. Good one! Personally, one of the best villain songs for me is Sound Effects and Overdramatics by The Used. Look it up :)