Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Music To Make Write to: Rising Action

So this week we are continuing our series of mood music and moving on to the next part of dramatic structure (sure I could of used other frameworks, but get over yourself.) Here is the chart:

So this is where we want to build to some kind of boiling point.  The tension in our writing and in the music we listen to while we write should be high.  How am I supposed to buy the suspense you are selling me if you were listening to Enrique Iglesias the whole time you wrote it?  I thought so.  Here are some of my choices.  Let me know what music you might choose in the comments.

Our first video is a KSU fan-made video where they took a piece of an Arcade Fire song and set it to clips.  The editing is pretty phenomenal, but the song is too. 


Morphine concert + standing by the speakers = ouchies

Happy writing my little Chia-pets!



  1. That's why I jam to metal and prog rock while I write - makes the fight scenes come alive!

  2. Hey Chris! I'm a massive Cake fan (they are going to be in nearby Austin New Years Eve, and I'm dying to go!), and I'm also an Oklahoma Sooner diehard. That video of Beasley et al makes me very thankful that dude is no longer in the Big 12 (10?).

  3. I love that Cake song!
    But I just can't listen to music with lyrics while reading because I sing along and lose track. But if I could, it would be hard rock.

  4. This is a really thought-provoking series. I think music does have a great deal of influence on the action. You might have a fast song and your character is upbeat and then it turns to a slow sad and your characters turns somber. Great post.

  5. I'm beginning to really like this series. I must say though I prefer tunes written in triplets and shuffles, in short the blues. But I'm eclectic, as long as it is music :)

    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Those are fun! I tend to ignore everything when I'm writing the climax scene - even music wouldn't penetrate :)

  7. Yeah, Cake is a fun song. that beat behind that is an old one

  8. I wish I could write to music without getting totally sidetracked!

  9. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful compositions on his blog. Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best wishes. Leovi.

  10. I love music. However, I don't have anything but the computer to listen to it with and if there's too much happening on the computer at once...well...let's just say it's a freezing experience.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author