Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Post of the Ages

Today's post is part of Bessler's blogfest (what alliteration!)  For it I am to post about what I am thankful for.

When considering what angle to take for this topic I ran into a lot of ideas that didn't quite work.  My first idea was to post pictures of different types of beer.  But I'm only thankful for that because it gets me through Thanksgiving, which is a huge "which came first the beer or family holidays?" paradox that I'm not fully willing to delve into.  I thought maybe I'd post a picture of my wife, but then felt that was too mushy and had to immediately crush a beer can on my forehead to feel more manly.  I contemplated using my 5 years of teaching 2nd grade for an idea, but those kids were only thankful for video games, pizza, and recess, which I love, but made me feel shallow.  
The last and best terrible idea I had was to post about family, since that is the point of the Thanksgiving holiday and all.  But I realized something.  I don't really like my family.  Sitting in a room with my family always felt like sitting and waiting in a crowded DMV lobby.  The room was full, you never got anywhere, and there was always one older lady trying to chat everyone up.  Fortunately this revelation led me to what I am actually thankful for.  The little things that accompany Thanksgiving that get you through the doldrums of quality time and leave you driving home thinking that maybe those weirdos aren't entirely that bad.   

Things like Thanksgiving football played by my three cousins and me (what the hell was my older brother doing this whole time?) in the front yard of our Grandmother's house.  Only 25yrds to a touchdown with one first down marker at the ridiculous yew bushes, which also served as first base in the spring.  Basically whichever team had Anthony on it won.  I normally played with Matt, who drew one cut routes for me on his hand and then shook his head as the passes bounced off of my hands.  He'd constantly say, "Bring it into your body," to which I'd reply, "How am I supposed to do that if the ball keeps bouncing off of my hands!" (I didn't quite get a lot as a child.)  We'd play until Anthony got tired, made up a reason to complain, and yelled, "I quit!"  It literally happened every single time and I'm not sure any team ever actually won.  Anthony would always try to claim he was up when we ended and we could never fully convince him that stomping off of the field was like a forfeit.  Oh the good times.

Things like sitting at the kid's table all the way through high school.   My cousin Amy was 5 years younger than me but somehow whined her way to the adult table.  But really not sitting through the silent raging stares of my uncles as they uncomfortably lumbered through another dutiful family social event made that cardboard table in the living room feel like mahogany. 

Things like deviled eggs.  Why do they serve turkey, stuffing, or broccoli cheese casserole when they could just hand me a bucket of deviled eggs?  Hey, remember how your mother was insistent that you try a little of everything and you were convinced that it was just so Aunt Dorris wasn't offended that no one tried her pistachio jello mold and feel like why did I even bother?  Not true.  it was so your glutton of a cousin Chris didn't eat all of the stinkin' deviled eggs.

Things like Thanksgiving football on TV.  What do you mean Barry Sanders has been retired for a decade now and why do the Lions still get airtime?  What do you mean Nebraska/Colorado was never really a relevant rivalry and is even less so now?  Let's watch football on the TV!

Really none of that stuff seems altogether perfect or ideal (other than the deviled eggs) but it made itself special through time.  I guess I'm thankful for that because that is the kind of stuff that sticks with you.  I hope that if and when I have children they have memories that aren't too traumatic that stick with them in the same way.  Thanks for reading.  Leave me some  stinkin' eggs.  


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  1. Chris: What an awesome Thanksgiving Blog Post! Maybe you could someday incorporate deviled eggs into the Thanksgiving mainstream of food.

  2. Nice to meet you Chris. I was born in Lincoln and then we moved when I was in the sixth grade to Colorado. I don't care about football, but I do remember how everyone cheered for the Cornhuskers.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  3. Jeffrey, don't you have deviled eggs for TG? :gasp:

    N.R. Yeah, they let you know about it. I grew up in KS, so that cu/nu game was still always showed.

  4. I love deviled eggs! They are one of my favorite foods.

  5. Let's hear it for Thanksgiving football games and yet another year of watching the Lions suck!

  6. Chris, you've awakened a lot of memories, football on the lawn, deviled eggs (Are you sure everyone doesn't have them for Thanksgiving?), last but not least, pistachio jello mold. I KNOW everyone has an aunt who brought that! Or maybe you and belong to the same family.

    Have a great holiday.

  7. Memories and "the little things" are all great things to be thankful for. :)

    And on the deviled eggs topic - we never had those as part of our typical Thanksgiving feast. It's always fun to hear about the different foods people associate with their standard holiday meals.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I lol'd at the need to crush a beer can on the forehead. It's a great list. You and my husband would get along really well. He likes deviled eggs too.

  9. Chris I like your style. I'm with you and the devilled eggs. Yum. Haven't had them since, well, ages. Now I must make some for Christmas!

    Nice to meet/follow you..:)

  10. And I forgot to say - Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Ahhh holiday traumas. I remember them well. Happy Turkey Day!

  12. I'm thankful for video games, pizza, and recess. Yeah, I'm shallow. What of it?

    Great post, Chris! May you have a devilishly egg-filled Thanksgiving! (Here, you can have all of mine, too.)

  13. I like what you did with your blog. keep up the good work!