Monday, November 29, 2010

Music to Make Write to

Writing for me and probably most of you is about following dreams.  This week I wanted to feature some artists who I went to high school with who are following theirs.

I used to walk to school with this guy in 1st and second grade.  We used to climb trees in his backyard and he had a ridiculous looking basset hound (fact-all basset hounds are ridiculous looking.)  In 9th grade he was winning national HS music competitions on the French Horn.  He went to school studying music and composition.  He started a Brass Quintet and arranges their music.  Here's a listen:

I went to school with the next band's guitarist from junior high on.  Not a guy I'd expect to find in an on-the-rise indie rock band.  I'd have pegged him to be one of those guys who gets a quick finance degree and does investment planning and already has 3 kids.  He is in the black shirt on the left. 

I'm going to listen to both of these guys this week and hope it keeps me on track for pursuing my own dreams.  Happy writing, peeps. 


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  1. And happy writing to you! Dreams do come true; you just gotta believe!