Monday, November 22, 2010

Music to Make Write To

Hippy Music! 

We'll start with one of my favorite new groups Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. I wish I could be so talented that not even a truckload of psychedelic drugs can hinder it.  Probably also the drugs but they seem so stinking happy to be making music.  I want people to see me as a writer and see that, only without having to eat an entire kilo of 'shrooms.  You might recognize the first song from a recent car commercial  I love playing this while I write. 

The next song is from a commercial for the upcoming season of Justified on FX.  Lissie with Little Lovin.  I LOVE the chorus.

Good luck writing this week and Happy Thanksgiving. Come back Wednesday for the Thanksgiving blogfest hosted by Jeffrey Beesler.


  1. Okay, that first song totally rocks. And they look SO happy to be making music! You're right. :)

    I'll be back to check out your blogfest, good luck with your writing!

  2. My goodness, Chris. That song by, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, took me back to my hippy trippy days of 1972:-)
    I like a bit of ambient music in the background when I attempt some semblance of coherent writing.
    Wishing you a peaceful and positive American Thanksgiving day.
    With respect and good wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  3. Thanks for the introduction to the Magnetic Zeroes! You know, my life doesn't have enough music in it. I think I need to find myself a hippie band.