Thursday, November 18, 2010


So I'm coming off of my bronchitis.  I am down to about 2 coughing fits that make me choke a day, compared to that being pretty much all day.  I hope to be back and posting regularly.  I cannot remember a time where I was this sick for this long.  But alas, it is nice to be getting healthyish.  Last Friday I went with my brother to go see The Aquabats! and Reel Big Fish.  It was nostalgic good times.  Although I think RBF's music is better overall, Aquabats put on an unbelievable show.  Grown men dressed as superheroes singing punk rock and intermittently fighting evil scientists and their monstrous creations.  Also the lead singer co-created this stuff:

So it is cool that even though he has to be doing well from that, he has kept this side project going since 94. 

Here is a snippet:

Anywho it was nice to get out of the house.  Tuesday was ESPN's college basketball marathon.  Which meant for over 24 hours live basketball was going on.  It's nuts to think about the lengths ESPN goes to every year to have live games going at 4 in the morning.  My wife and I made the 3 hour drive home for our first K-State basketball game of the year Tuesday.  We beat #24 Virginia Tech by 16.  

Our season tickets are by probably the most obnoxious high schooler ever.  I tried being nice at first, but the guy finds ways to yell out ridiculous stuff while your team is losing that just makes you want to lay down in traffic.  Yesterday he comes to his seat 15 minutes into the game wearing all Philadelphia Eagles gear.  When everyone around starts asking about it he says is was for Monday night football and he didn't even know there was a game today.  Every once in awhile I would lean over and say, "Do you think Mrs. Hufflebaum is upset you are ditching her 7th grade lit class?" or "Vick is looking solid out there today."  He never quite got it, but it made me feel better.  This year there is a woman from the college of ed who sits between us and him.  Makes sort of a buffer, but not enough of one.  Poor lady.  She even made fun of him, like a lot, which made me chuckle.  Oh well.  I guess we were all like that at one point (probably not, again me trying to be nice and failing.) 

I have missed college basketball season.  It is like Christmas running from November to April stuffed with bright lights, presents, as much disappointment as getting a sweater from the family member you drew while you gave away a DVD box set that cost twice as much, and as much joy as getting what you really wanted (money.)  Monday I have tickets to see us play Gonzaga in KC.

So what have you guys been up to this week?


Oh yeah.  I signed up for this Thanksgiving Blogfest.  You should too.


  1. I went to an awful movie. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. I do appreciate those.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  2. Oh, the usual. Work, family, taxiing. Not enough sleep. Too much TV. My life is rather boring. ;)

  3. i'm glad you're feeling better, chris!

  4. Happy you're feeling better and got to get out of the house.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Guess you know how I feel about obnoxious boors at games. So, you have my sympathies.

  5. Glad you're getting better! And that is SO funny that the woman sitting next to that kid was making fun of him. Hee!

    I'm trying to balance life/art/writing as usual, and probably not doing too well at it. :)

  6. Sorry about the coughing fits. I haven't got out to any games this year. Not yet anyway!

  7. Glad the coughing fit is down to just an altercation. Cool band they kind of remind me of a G-rated Gwar. love the blog!!

  8. Hope you get over the cough soon. That is miserable! Too funny about the high schooler. Poor kid. He'll realize some day. :)

  9. Glad you are feeling better. I've been fairly sick this week myself but am starting to get stronger now. Good for the weekend.

  10. Bronchitis is no fun. Take care of yourself, but have a great weekend.

  11. Gotta love the college BB season. Me, I grew up in Lansing, MI so I'm a huge Spartan fan. Hope you get over the bronchitis soon. And thanks for stopping by Karen Gowan's blog and saying hi. Great to meet you.

  12. Glad you feel better - bronchitis sucks! Hope you're having a good weekend!