Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things I Learned Along the Way Thursdays

Hey, kids. How's it going? 
This week's Things I Learned Along the Way Thursdays is about self-editing. Remember that old summer camp song where you took whatever was obnoxious and put it at the front three times and then the rest went like this:
A horrible way to die,
a horrible way to die,
<insert obnoxious thing here x2>
a horrible way to die?

We'd sing it whenever they wanted to do announcements or we'd throw some goofball Webelo's name in there (Kids can be so cruel!)

That is how I feel about editing and revising. Sure it's important, but it also can be gut-wrenching. Who wanted to wake up this morning, go to the mirror, and find all their zits on their face and other fun imperfections? It's a lot like that. A horrible way to die.

But edit we must.  Because what if we left the house like that?  As a new writer I wanted a resource that would let me know what to look for and also give a lot of examples.  Me likey examples (especially with pictures (SPOILER ALERT!!11! not very many pictures in the book I'm about to recommend.)) Here is my field-manual of self-editing awesomeness:

Most of the writing I've done is for kids, so some of this does not apply, some goes over my head.  But for a comprehensive how-to on writing craft this is a must.  I'm still working my way through it and some of the chapters I will have to read several times, but I learn something new each time I pick it up.  It's like going to the mirror and saying to yourself, "How did I miss that one?" he inquired.

What book or resource helps you with self-editing?


P.B.P. (post blog post) Today is the KU/KSU game.  If we (KSU) lose I might go on a posting hiatus due to being arrested for an armed hijacking an ice-cream truck.  It's not my fault.  I'm fragile.

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  1. I'll have to pick up that book. I actually enjoy editing - I like watching my work improve with each pass.