Friday, October 1, 2010

Location Location Location! Blogfest 2010

Hello and Welcome to the 2010 Blogfest called Location! Location! Location! Go to I see you see to sign up. The best one gets a free mini sno-cone machine and runner up gets a month's supply of corn dogs.

The basic idea was to take one of 4 locations, imagine it, and describe or draw it.
So Welcome to Woodsville:

A city on a Hill cannot be hidden. However, the hamlet of Woodsville, with it's cobblestone streets and delicate masonry, blends into the rocky hills that roll gently into the hinterlands. The wafting smell of ale drifts from the Bottom Barrel Tavern and sticks to the odors of stone and hay-carts before making their way gently down the hill and dissipating into the woods and meadows. The soft sounds of laughter and braying asses flood out into the main street and winds downward from the tavern and Tully's Inn through houses and lofts until it is greeted unceremoniously by Galloways out to pasture.

Random drawering from a picture off of google search:


P.S. My Friday Morning Pump-Up Video is posted below.  Check it out.


  1. Wicked, fancy a pint in the bottom barrel later!
    Loved that you added a pic!

  2. Sounds fantastic! Let's all meet there for a pint later. :)

  3. Love the pic to go with the description. Very romantic. :O)

  4. Sounds like a lovely quaint little English town!

  5. Love the way you included scent and sound in your description. Brought it all to life. :)

  6. There will be an award for you on my page tomorrow chris.