Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Felt Like Sketching

Before I get to the topic at hand I wanted to give links to some cool posts I found this week.  The first is on Natalie Bahm's blog about how revising can cause chain reactions throughout your manuscript.  The second is by Renae Mercado about her writing method.  I think it's kind of fun to read the comments and compare.

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Topic at Hand:
In the motion picture Napolean Dynamite the first thing Napolean says when asked what he is going to do that day is, "Whatever I feel like doing -- Gosh!"  Today I feel like sketching. 
Since I was a kid I've loved to draw.  When people ask where I learned to draw I tell them it was math class.  While other people took notes about tangents and the like I was drawing costumed heroes (dork alert!)  I really suck at geometry but I can draw.  
But this is a writing blog you say?  Well I use it for that too.  As a chapter book author I like to draw scenes and characters from my story to help me visualize what I'm writing.  I just find that when I go to put a character down on paper they fit a little better and I know them a little more.  
I also know that as an author I should be wary of illustrating my books.  The publisher will decide who the artist is. This is more for me to get an idea of what my characters look like so my words can match my imagination.  I find as I draw I have to go back and read my original description.  Sometimes I have to change something that I missed.
Here is an example of one I did this week. 

What do you do to help you visualize your characters?

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  1. Usually I have a clear picture of how my characters look before I start writing. But I will jot down notes sometimes.