Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Morning Pump Up-Video

It's Friday. You can do it. One more day. How will you get through it? Why a pump-up video of course! This week I thought we should get pumped and in shape. Ready to work that upper body? Well, Dolph Lundgren is. What do you mean, who is that? How could you even ask that? He has played Captain Ivan Drago (Rocky IV,) Frank Castle (Punisher,) even He-Man. Here is a clip from his 80's workout video (Warning!!! this is only funny for 34.8 seconds, after which the creepiness of the black tights takes hold. Consider yourself warned.)

Feel the burn? No pain no Gain! Go get em'


PB (post blog) here is a clip I found of his performance of He-Man. Also very inspiring.


  1. Ah! Good old Dolf! "I must break you" :)

  2. bahahaha! I must add that my word verification for the previous comment was "chestism." I kid you not.

  3. gufaw! I'm not sure what chestism means but I'm sure I'm a chestist.