Monday, September 20, 2010

Top 10 TV Shows Blogfest 2010

Today is Alex's J. Cavanaugh's Top 10 TV Shows blogfest. Narrowing the list down for me was super easy because I'm a TV expert and pretty much my picks are an accurate representation of what quality TV should be.  If you want to do it too, just list your fav's or just copy and paste this list, since it is correct.

1. Breaking Bad
 2) Sons of Anarchy
3) Soprano's

4) Lost (I hated the ending, but I was hooked for the entirety of the series.)

5) Grey's Anatomy

6) The Shield
7) Alf

8) Heroes Season 1

9) Prison Break

10) Arrested Development

Honorable Mention:
ESPN Outside the Lines, A-Team, Dr. Katz, House, One Tree Hill, Hoarders


  1. Yeah, Heroes lost me after the first season. Glad you joined in the fun of the blogfest!

  2. Yeah. Really the only victim of the writer's strike.

  3. I've been meaning to watch Breaking Bad. I'll be getting them from Netflix soon.

    Heroes Season 1 was excellent. After that...not so much.

  4. Karen, block off time for Breaking Bad. It's addictive.

  5. I kinda lost interest in the final season of prison break. great list.

  6. Wow, your shows are really all over the place. I really enjoyed the first season of Prison Break but stopped watching after that. I mean honestly, how many times can these people escape from prison? How do the authorities not catch on??

  7. alf rocksss. did he ever make it home?

  8. Although I wasn't familiar with any of your choice(I am from the UK) i loved the presentation of your post.


  9. I see Prison Break made your list! I may have to check out Breaking Bad.

  10. GREAT list! I caught an episode of Sons of Anarchy last week and was hooked. I'm going to be catching up with that show as soon as my rewrites are done. Sopranos - classic! The Shield was an excellent show as well.

  11. Thanks, Yvonne. If you ever get a chance to watch #'s 1-3 you should. What is a UK show I can't miss out on?

    Renae, You do have to check it out. Sons too. You will like it for the same reason you liked Prison Break :)

    Hide the kids for both.

    izombie, I'm afraid Melmac was destroyed and there was nowhere to return to. Luckily the Tanner's will let him stay with them.

    Bstearns, He escaped from prison twice in three seasons. The third season got out of control, but it was like Lost, good story that I couldn't let die.

  12. I'm feeling out of the loop. I've only seen one of these shows, Heroes Season One... guess I'm looking into Netflix :)

  13. i think your confidence is hilarious!
    solid picks.
    the first season of heroes was so epic! and then ???

  14. Breaking Bad is a show I want to see, but hasn't been on Freeview yet. Can't wait!

    Great list!

    Top Ten TV Blogfest

  15. ah, I totally forgot about ALF :)) Love seeing that show on at least one of these lists :)

  16. Darn it! I was wrong again. Well, I did see a couple of Shield episodes when it first came on the air and I think I watched one episode of Lost but I was lost and had no idea what was going on. Now Sons of Anarchy sounds pretty interesting.

    Tossing It Out

  17. Grey's is awesome and addicting :P