Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things I Learned Along the Way Thursdays - Name Generation

Welcome to another edition of Things I Learned While Trying Not to Write My Query Letter (Along the Way) Thursdays.  This week's topic is name generation. You have a great character swarthy and mysterious, someone who can make people scratch their heads at how flawed they are, and yet still be cheered for. Now what to name them?  You can't use my name without paying me royalties.  Here are my tips for name generation.

1) Phone book: Not kidding. I like to go through the phone book if I'm blocked for a name and put interesting combinations together. Always look around the popular names like Jones and Smith for less common ones.

2) Yearbook: If that hasn't satisfied me I will get out old school yearbooks and see what I can pilfer. It's also nice to see a picture of what a John Maynard might look like.

3) Comment on blogs: Every time you comment on a blog there is a box for word verification so blogger knows you aren't a robot. Or at least you are a very efficient robot if you are indeed a robot. Anyway most of them would be good fantasy/sci-fi names. Just picture Lingulac, the mighty warrior lizard type man thing.  If you comment today be sure to share the word verification.
Here are some of mine for the week:

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  1. Word verification - now that's a great place for science fiction names.